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  • 1976 Chevy Nova
  • Way Back When

    10 years ago . . .

  • Museum Musings

    * “A mobile people in a vast land and all of us are still in motion” - Saturday, Aug. 27 was the final day for the Smithsonian Exhibit ‘Journey Stories’ in Cynthiana. What a memorable event.
    * Special thanks to Mary Grable and to all those who volunteered and participated in so many ways. “We all have Journey Stories.”
    * Robert Louis Stevenson - “Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”
    * Labor Day - How would you explain Labor Day - its origin, its meaning - to a young person?

  • Good Shepherd Orphanage performs at Rotary Club luncheon

    For several years the Cynthiana Rotary Club has been a supporter of the Good Shepherd Orphanage in Haiti.  Cynthiana and Harrison County residents/businesses have helped with this support through their generous donations to the club’s annual bean soup luncheon.
    Earlier this month, the club was surprised with a visit from students who live in the orphanage.

  • Homemaker Events

    • Sept. 12: Casserole Carrier Workshop, 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., $10 per kit
    • Sept. 16: Painting Series with Frank Boyer, 10 a.m. - noon every Friday for 10 weeks
    • Sept. 20: Social Networking 101, Homemaker Lesson, 1 p.m. only
    • Sept. 21: Blue Hydrangea Tea Party, 5 p.m., Harrison County Extension Office
    • Sept. 22-24: Cultural Arts Leadership Camp, Jabez, Ky.
    • Sept. 26: Spooky Spirits Painted Bottle, 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., $3 per kit
    • Sept. 28: Quilt Club  9 a.m. - noon

  • Construction begins
  • Broadway on Pike

    Broadway on Pike was held Saturday at the Rohs Opera House. Several local performers participated in the program, which was a tribute to Mary Ruth Hendricks. Hendricks taught Harrison County High School students in the choral music department for several years. Jenny Lynn Varner Hatter served as the Mistress of Ceremonies.

  • Harrison County Sheriff's Department

    Traffic Cases
    The following information from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office indicates drivers and/or owners whose vehicles were involved in accidents.

    Aug. 21 – At 6:28 p.m., an injury accident was reported on KY 356. Jolyn England was attempting to pull onto KY 356 from Kings Lane and in doing so pulled into an oncoming vehicle driven by Penelope Allen.

  • Property Transfers

    Michael G. Brogli and Evelyn Brogli to Joseph A. Shepperd and Irene Shepperd, property in Harrison Estates Subdivision, $23,000.
    Martha Geoghegan, by and through Beverly Judy and Johnetta Kearns to Horace N. Davis and Kathi J. Davis, property in Sonley Heights Subdivision, $114,000.
    Floyd Stamper and Shirley Gaines-Stamper to Marvin E. Florence Jr. and Doris Florence. property in Harrison County, $17,000.

  • Harrison District Court

    Judge Charles W. Kuster Jr.
    presiding Aug. 22, 2011
    Estate of Joe Frank Ireland, probate hearing; will admitted, order entered and bond approved.
    Estate of Wanda L. Perrin, probate hearing; passed to be re-noticed.
    Charlene Fritz vs. Melanie Jenkins, court trial; forcible detainer sustained.
    John Whalen vs. Debra Porter, court trial; forcible detainer sustained.
    Floyd McDanell vs. Scott Anderson, other hearing; order entered.