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  • Church News

    City on a Hill evening services are held on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.; Sunday services are at 10:30 a.m. and at 6 p.m.
    Services are held at the Center at 201 N. Second St., Berry, Ky.
    For more information call 859-954-1573 or 859-954-0579.
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    Don’t forget to plan to join City on a Hill for its fourth annual New Year’s service.


  • Honor Roll

    St. Edward Honor Roll for the first quarter includes:

    All A’s
    Skylar    Hatfield, 5th; Camille Hatfield, 3rd; Mae Heimlich, 1st; Colton Jones, 1st.

    A/B Roll
    Abigail Rion 5th; Isaac Furnish, 4th; Jackson Ware, 4th; Isaac Finch, 3rd; Madison Jones, 3rd; Resa Heimlich, 3rd; Kathryn Gasser, 3rd; Sarra Skinner, 3rd; Addison Perraut, 3rd; Sutton Koch, 2nd; Miles Navarre, 2nd; Perrin Jack, 2nd; Farrar Naomi, 1st.

    School Honors

  • Interpretations based on what?

    Christian author and speaker Paul Tripp tells the story of his 3-year-old son Darnay who was wandering around their backyard one day oblivious to the fact that his older brother was playing baseball by hitting stones with a rake handle.
    Eventually, the older brother took a swing and accidently struck little Darnay squarely on his forehead. His sister, also in the backyard, began to scream at the sight of poor Darnay on the ground bleeding.
    Paul went out and started to mop away the blood to determine how bad it was. The older brother was pleading his innocence.

  • Connersville Mills donation
  • Grace Notes

    Here’s a question for you: When is sin a good thing?
    Recently, I heard a preacher say, “The greatest gift that God gives to the people he loves is their sin -- when they know it.”
    I’ll let you digest that for a minute.
    The preacher did NOT say that God thinks sin is good. Sin is what separates the creature from the Creator, the very thing that caused Jesus to die for us.
    No, the preacher said that our sin, when we know it and own it and hate it, is a gift, a gift from God.
    How can that be?

  • NRA provides crucial resources to help in formation of HCHS marksmanship team

    At the start of the 2015-16 school year, Harrison County High School ROTC instruction Maj. Jon Montgomery began work on a marksmanship team.
    After talking with cadets from the program, he decided there was a demand for such a program and went about figuring out how to get it off the ground.
    The first step was becoming certified as a range officer through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). The next step was making sure the team had funding.
    Enter the National Rifle Association (NRA).

  • Bucket List Before I Die
  • Harrison County Sheriff's Report

    Sept. 14--Dep. Matt Royse cited Shane Singer, Berry, with failure to wear seat belts, communication device violation, failure to produce insurance card and no registration receipt.
    Oct. 31--Dep. Robert Peak served a criminal summons from Fayette District Court to Donella A. Fields, Versailles, for theft by deception (cold checks under $500.)

  • Cynthiana Police Report

    Arrests, citatons warnings
    Oct. 21 -- Jerry W. Hall, 29, was arrested on two Harrison County warrants for second-degree trespassing and theft by unlawful taking under $500.
    Oct. 22 -- James C. Denniston, 26, was arrested on a Bourbon County warrant.
    Oct. 22 -- Tony L. Cadle, 38 was arrested on a Harrison County warrants for theft by unlawful taking (parts for auto) and second-degree trespassing.

  • Harrison Circuit Court

    Judge Jay Delaney
    presiding Nov. 1, 2016
    Cyndi Adkins, 1984, arraignment; flagrant non-support; guilty plea entered, 3 year sentence pre-trial diverted 5 years on all conditions set.
    Randy Baird, 1966, pretrial conference; burglary-second degree, theft by unlawful taking under $500, criminal mischief-third degree - guilty plea entered, 13 year sentence imposed, probation denied; persistent felony offender-first degree - dismissed.