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  • Restaurant Inspections


    June 10 -- Valley Restaurant, 96%, handles on drawers and cookers need to be maintained, shelving covered, ice scoop not properly stored, fountain collars need to be clean.

    June 17 -- Leesburg Grocery, 100% (retail), 97% (food) ceiling tiles in bad repair, shelving.

    June 19 -- China House, 91%, 5-gallon buckets need to be thrown out and not reused, back door needs seal, dry goods need to have containers and covers in place; food needs to be covered while in walk-in cooler, food has to be minimum of six inches off floor in walk-in.

  • Back-to-school means shots and records updates

    The Harrison County Health Center provides a wide variety of services for the school age child. For school aged children, up-to-date immunization certificates are also required by the school.Required immunizations are available for every school age child under 18.

    Parents of preschoolers, kindergarten and sixth grade students need to schedule a physical for their child prior to the beginning of school. Costs for exams at the Health Center are based on a sliding fee scale. This scale takes into consideration the number in the household and household income.

  • New therapist, treatment at HMH massage

    Whether you have a migraine or just sore muscles, the new massage therapist at Harrison Memorial Hospital has an option for you.

    Terri Garrelts, a licensed massage therapist, started at HMH in April and has been hard at work expanding the hospitals capabilities.

    Garrelts offers basic services - classic, customized, stress relief, prenatal, therapeutic, and deep tissue massages and hot stone therapy.

    The big deal, however, is her new service - the rejuvenating facelift massage.

  • Cynthiana Police Dept.



    July 9 At 4:12 p.m., a Pearl Street woman reported that her juvenile son was struck in the eye by an adult male.

    July 11 At 9:27 p.m., Christy Nickerson, Newsom Avenue, reported that while she was away from her residence, someone knocked her satellite dish down.

    July 12 At 12:44 a.m., David and Hannah Wolfe reported that they are being harassed by individuals on motorcycles.

    July 13 At 10:31 a.m., Kathy Spurlock, Webster Avenue, reported that her vehicle was taken without her permission.

  • Way Back When

    10 years ago . . .

  • District Court


    Judge Jay Delaney

    presiding July 14, 2008

    Probate Cases

    Estate of David Allen Kiskaden, will admitted for record purposes as self-proved. Petition to dispense granted, Order not to be released until petitioner files receipt for funeral expesnses showing bill was paid.

    Estate of Glen M. Moore, will admitted to probate as self-proved.

    Estate of Phillip Hollon Nickell, petition to dispense amended to include check for $61.79 from State Street, Amended to dispense granted, order entered.

    Traffic Cases

  • Football alumni banquet coming up

    Be prepared for some fine storytelling, exaggerated or not, when the Harrison County Football Alumni Association hosts its annual Hall of Fame Induction and Banquet at Harrison County High School cafeteria on Aug. 9.

    With more than 250 members, the HCFAA is undoubtedly the largest, most active and most productive sports support group in Harrison County.

  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Reported cases double over last five years

    Judge David Melcher is waiting for a family court docket without a domestic violence case.

    Hes not holding his breath.

    In fact, during the last five years, domestic violence cases have been on the rise.

    During all of 2003, there were 40 new domestic violence cases filed in Harrison County.

    Melcher said that number more than doubled by 2007 with 83 new cases being filed.

    Its not just a Harrison County problem either, Melcher said. In neighboring Pendleton County, there were 33 cases in 2003, compared to 75 last year.

  • Museum Musings

    * Cynthiana Democrat, July 26, 1917 -- Big crowd at Cynthiana Court Day. The livestock market not so strong as last court day. Auctioneer W. F. Renaker reported about 200 head of cattle. They sold from eight to nine cents a pound. Cows brought from $50 to $90 dollars a head. Plug horses sold from $40 to $75, and good horses from $100 to $150.

    * Log Cabin, May 26, 1880 -- Gus Berry, charged with throwing rocks at Dover Colemans house, was fined $5 and costs for breach of peace. A $100 peace bond was also required of him in default of which he was sent to jail.

  • Reseed the lawn in late summer

    Does your lawn need some attention? I generally dont worry about the lawn too much; I just make sure that I mow properly to maintain a relatively healthy stand of fescue. Sure there are a few weeds here and there but I prefer not going to toxic extremes to be perfect.