Today's News

  • LVC holds 9/11 memorial service

    The Licking Valley Campus held a 9/11 Memorial Service at 8:30 a.m. at the base of the flag pole on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012.
    Members of the Cynthiana fire department were the honored guests at  the service.
    K. Bruce Florence gave a tribute to our local firemen and the firemen who walked into such danger and who by their sacrifice knitted together a time of unity for the entire country.
    The opening and closing prayers were given by Larry Lemons.  

  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Put to the metal?
    6. British rule over India prior to 1947
    9. Gas giver
    13. Grooves in rocks, e.g.
    14. Flightless bird
    15. Mr. in Mexico
    16. Arm-__-___
    17. ___ Kempner, famous socialite
    18. Speak one’s mind
    19. From times long ago
    21. *”Anna Karenina” author
    23. ___ date
    24. C&H crop
    25. Pacquiao move, e.g.
    28. a.k.a. “The Biggest Little City in the World”
    30. Preserve, as in body

  • Stock Chart
  • Crumbie elected chair of the KCTCS Faculty Senate

    Donna Slone-Crumbie, assistant professor teaching reading and English at the Licking Valley Campus, was elected chair of the KCTCS Faculty Senate on Thursday, Aug. 2.   

  • Academic briefs

    Logan Duncan, a 2012 Harrison County High School graduate, is attending Hobart Institute of Welding in Troy, Ohio.
    Duncan was accepted into the nine-month combination structural and pipe welding program and will graduate in May 2013.
    He is the son of Gary and Teresa Duncan of Cynthiana.

  • Pear ripen after the harvest

    Old farm sites that are long vacant often have remnants of a once thriving agricultural model that fed the whole family.   
    Among the farm smorgasbord was the small home orchard; and among the orchard the Kieffer pear still stands if nothing else does.  
    The Kieffer pear has been around for a long time and it seems we have forgotten how to treat it as an eating pear.  
    If you have ever happened upon an old tree you may have been put off by the hard fruit.  

  • FSA Guaranteed Loan program update and increased loan limits

    USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) State Executive Director John W. McCauley, announces that guaranteed farm ownership loan funds for Fiscal Year 2012 have been exhausted. Farmers and ranchers in Kentucky received $59,736, 321 million in guaranteed loans through Aug. 31, 2012.
    “Fiscal Year 2013 begins on Oct. 1, 2012, and we anticipate that guaranteed farm ownership funds will be available in early October,” said McCauley.

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  • Born To Run Results

    Born To Run 5K Champions
    2012    Matt Perraut    17:28    Favia Sapp    19:57
    2011    David Robeson    18:20    Favia Sapp    20:09
    2010    Jacob Marsh    17:29    Favia Sapp    20:20
    2009    Dalton Leet    17:52    Favia Sapp    20:10

  • Lawn Care

    This hot and dry summer has affected our lawns badly. Most are wondering if the grass will ever return and in many cases it probably won’t. It is evident that we have lost some of our grass in areas where the soil is shallow or was in direct sunlight during those hot afternoons. The big concern now is what should we do to insure a beautiful lawn for next year?