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  • Museum Musings

    * Cynthiana Weekly News, July 1866 -- “A bonded whiskey warehouse on North Main Street collapsed with a ‘tremendous’ cresh, with the result that for the time being whiskey was in plentiful supply in Cynthiana. A great time was had by many.”
    * Log Cabin, Sept. 21, 1917 -- “Army Mules Wanted. Will be in Cynthiana Court Day, Monday, Sept. 24 to buy mules for United States Army, 1,000 to 1,250 pounds, five to 10 years old. Bring in your mules. Gentry-Thompson Co.”

  • Way Back When

    10 years ago . . .

  • NRCS accepting applications for the Grassland Reserve Program

    Natural Resources Conservation Service in Kentucky is accepting applications for the Grassland Reserve Program (GRP). Although GRP applications are continually accepted, the application ranking cutoff date for 2011 is March 31. Applications received after March 31, 2011 will be deferred until the next ranking cycle.

  • Cattle producers could see an exciting year

    2011 has the potential to be an exciting year for cow/calf producers. Prices for feeder steers are very high and demand will remain high because of domestic use and demand from other countries in the world. Economists have shown producers for years that cow/calf producers are under appreciated and the least paid for their investment. This has changed in the last couple of years with the reduction in size of the herds. In the short term, the prices of our feeder calves are at a high level because of the supply and demand.

  • Easy Valentine blooms that keep on giving

    psis about the house and three of them have just begun to shoot up a bloom spike that once in bloom (probably still about a month away) will bloom for months if I keep them out of direct sunlight.
    One plant is like 10 fresh cut bouquets and they are so delicately lovely you just can’t beat them as a nice Valentine gesture.

  • 38th District pairings set

    The Harrison County Fillies and Thorobreds will open the 38th District Tournament facing Nicholas County on Monday, Feb. 21.  
    The girls’ game will start on Monday at 6:15 p.m. with the boys’ game to follow 25 minutes after the floor and bench area are cleared from the first game.  
    The game times will be the same on Tuesday night, Feb. 22, when the teams from Deming and Pendleton County square off. The winners will advance to the championship games; the girls on Thursday at 7:30 and the boys on Friday at 7:30.  

  • Jury finds Clark not guilty

    A Cynthiana man was found not guilty of the misdemeanor charges filed against him last July.
    Gilbert Clark appeared before a Harrison County District Court jury on Friday to contest the five charges of alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct, fourth degree assault, fourth degree attempted assault and resisting arrest.
    Clark was arrested on July 3 following an alleged fight at a family cook-out.
    The jury found Clark not guilty of all charges.

    For more on this story, see this week’s Cynthiana Democrat.

  • Webb eligible for death penalty

    A judge’s ruling on Tuesday will make it possible for accused murderer Bass Webb to receive the death penalty if convicted of multiple felony charges.
    Circuit Judge Jay Delaney approved a Commonwealth’s motion to combine the murder charge with a more recent rape indictment for purposes of trial.
    Webb was indicted in 2009 for the July 31 murder of ex-girlfriend Bryia Runiewicz. In December 2010, first degree rape and first degree persistent felony offender (PFO) charges were added to the murder and  existing PFO charges.

  • Filling the shelves

    She may not be Mother Teresa, but she and her volunteers do help shed light on the community during the economic crisis.
    Margaret Watson has faithfully served Harrison County for the past 10 years as a worker in the local food pantry. Of the 10 years she has served, six of them have been as the director of operations.
    “It is a passion of  mine,” said Watson. “Some of the people that come in here get as close as family to me.”

  • Grand jury issues 10 indictments

    Ten individuals were indicted in Harrison Circuit Court on Tuesday on charges ranging from burglary to failure to pay child support.
    Billy Williams, 19, and Brian Davis, 27, were named as codefendants in charges relating to the Dec. 1, 2010, break-in at Thrift Food Mart.
    The pair are each charged with third degree burglary, theft by unlawful taking (less than $500), and second degree criminal mischief.
    The each have a $5,000 bond.