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  • Honor Roll

    Westside Elementary Honor Roll for the first nine-weeks include:
    3th Grade
    All A’s
    Caylee Browning, Jilesh Davis, Arwen French, Haleigh Hall, BJ Hampton, Nate Mitts, Cheyann Smith, Brinkley Wiggins, Aeowynne Wiley, Ella Yazell.

  • Honor Roll

    The Harrison County Middle School Honor Roll for the first nine-weeks are:
    All A’s
    Harlie Abner, Shantin Aguilar, Sara Arnold, Jacob Aubrey, Taylor Bailey, Cindy Barker, Alex Beam, Olivia Berry, Blaine Biddle, Peyton Boisseau, Shannon Bostic, Nathaniel Bowen, Sophia Bowlin, Kade Carpenter, Ellie Carr, Ella Cash, Kathleen Clarke, Cheyenne Cole, Iziah Cole, Alaina Coppage, Devin Covert, Haley Covington, John Craig, Sarah Creech, Allen Crump, Brendan Dahmer, Jyoti Davis, Makenna Dennis;

  • Cynthiana Baptist Church holds Mission Celebration and Quilt Show
  • Museum receives 1800’s heirloom quilt

    Betsy Smith,
    News Writer

    Every quilt has a history.  Many of their stories are long forgotten, but some have survived, passed down through generations.
    The Cynthiana Harrison County Museum possesses one of the latter, lovingly displayed in a wooden and glass table-top case that was specially commissioned by the artifact’s donor.  The treasure was recently given to the museum by a Texas woman, Susan Harrison, who has family ties to Harrison County.

  • Museum displays treasure and technology

    Betsy Smith,
    News Writer

    If asked, most people would probably guess that the fax machine was invented in the late 19th century--just another hunk of plastic invented to streamline business.
    According to FaxAuthority, it was invented in 1843.

  • Clear the air: Reveal retirees’ benefits

    By Jim Waters
    When addressing generous benefits received by Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) retirees in this column, a voluminous email response – mostly critical – is the norm.
    “I seriously have issues with using the word ‘lavish’ for teachers’ pensions,” a science teacher in Jefferson County wrote. “The word produces images of wealthy retirees sitting out on their yachts or on a sunny beach somewhere enjoying their retirement.”

  • Shoppers encouraged to check out local businesses this holiday season

    By Stephanie Burden
    Main Street
    Program Director
    Can you believe it’s already November??? You know what that means, Christmas is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to get downtown and see what our stores have to offer and start making your holiday wish lists.
    This weekend several of Cynthiana’s downtown merchants will be enticing shoppers with their holiday open houses. Merchants will be staying open late on Friday night and have extended hours on Saturday.

  • Commitment

    Sometime in early summer,
    Listen for sticks on drumheads
    Stretched and waiting for cadences
    Spread to young ears, echoed in feet
    On soft asphalted stickiness.
    Promises of glory born from sweat,
    Falls, drops, constant beat and heat
    That tans, burns to thin the corps
    Into sameness of note, eye and foot.
    Only a mother can detect her own.
    Summer melts away as dreams of
    Dates, swims, movies and time off is
    Shelved for the greater cause of glory

  • Photos needed for historical calendar

    Every year I make a plea for historic photographs for the annual calendar. Every year at the final hour I am at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum or the Publice Library borrowing from their vast collections.
    It’s that time of year again. Please, please, please send me your photographs.
    I have seen some gorgeous old pictures on Facebook in recent months. Our readers would love to see those as well.

  • Walnut Street mural celebration

    A completion celebration was held Tuesday at the Walnut Street location of Cynthiana’s latest Arts Council-sponsored mural. Jerielle Hanlon, muralist from Lexington, brush painted the three whiskey bottles from some historic Cynthiana distilleries. Hanlon completed her project in two weeks.