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  • God’s Grace is a gift to us

    Recently I visited my friend, Judy Kitchen. She is completing a degree at Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay, Ohio. We read a number of translations of II Thessalonians 1:11-12. One thing that caught our attention was Paul’s consideration of God’s grace in verse 12.  

  • Free flights for kids Saturday

    Lee Kendall,
    News Writer

    Officials of the Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport are expecting as many as 300 youngsters to attend the Saturday, June 10, Young Eagles and Safety Day, at the airport.
    “Last year we had about 230 kids take part in the Young Eagles day, but usually we have anywhere from 250-300,” said Re’Jeana Craft of the C-HC Airport.

  • Grace Notes

    By the time you read this, this will be old news and the nation will most likely have already moved on to the next outrageous thing.
    However, as I’m writing this, Kathy Griffin is making headlines.
    Who is Kathy Griffin (and why should you care)? She’s a 56-year-old comedian and self-identified “D-list celebrity” known for being abrasive, brash, crude and sarcastic.
    Most recently she made the national news when she posed for a photo, holding up the fake, but realistic, bloody decapitated head of President Donald Trump.

  • kevin gaunce’s soccer camp
  • Businessman, mayor remembered

    Becky Barnes,

    The late James A. Brown was a lot of things to a lot of people. He was an uncle, brother, mayor, commissioner and successful businessman.
    Brown passed away on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017. He was 86 years old.
    He suffered a stroke on Christmas Eve 2008 and never fully recovered, ultimately having to resign as Cynthiana’s mayor.

  • Bowling scores

    May 30
    1 Spare Me 15.0-5.0
    2 Pickett Up 12.0-8.0
    3 4 Amigos 12.0-8.0
    4 Team 1 11.5-8.5
    5 Split Happens 11.0-9.0
    6 Team 2 10.5-9.5
    7 All About The Gutters 9.0-11.0
    8 All About The Strikes 8.0-12.0
    9 Gutt-er Done 7.0-13.0

  • Relay for Life meets $38k goal

    The Cynthiana Witches flew in Saturday night for the Relay for Life. The put a curse on cancer with their rendition of Purple People Eater. Above, Lourena Judy was the two-horned monster from the legendary song. Bethann Thomas is in the background. The witches have performed previously during Thriller and the Christmas parade. This year’s Relay event raised in excess of $38,000, which was the goal.

  • Joe B. Hall will be subject of Odeith’s second mural

    Lee Kendall,
    News Writer

    One building mural has been commissioned to be completed by the Cynthiana Arts Council later this summer, with a second mural in the offing.
    Portuguese artist Sergio Odeith has been signed on to complete a mural of Cynthiana native and former University of Kentucky basketball coach Joe B. Hall.
    Hall, a 1948 graduate of Cynthiana High School, succeeded the legendary Adolph Rupp as the head coach of the Wildcats and led UK to the 1978 national championship.

  • Green beans, Arsenic and graduation

    First garden report: The green onions are thriving and some have found their way into a casserole already.
    Potatoes are happy, radishes will be ready in a jiffy and the green beans look a little bewildered. They are crowded for sure, and what, if anything, turns out from them in this experiment will be interesting at least.

  • Local media serves a purpose for Harrison County

    I admit that I have ink in my blood. It’s an old cliche, but after 41 years, I feel comfortable making that proclamation.
    I can reach back to the 1960s and remember sitcom sets where someone was reading a newspaper.
    Jackie Gleason (Ralph) opened nearly every show with him sitting at the kitchen table, newspaper in hand and coffee nearby. Somewhere in the background Sue Ann Langdon (Alice) was seeing what she could do to annoy her husband.