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  • Save leaves for composting and mulching

    Leaf raking is an autumn chore that only children enjoy because they get to undo it in one fowl swoop.
    We rake and pile and they jump.  
    I propose a new approach that just may make us all happy: Adults can still rake a little, children can still play and trees will benefit from some mulch and fertilizer.  
    At the farm, raking leaves is passé; we let them stay where they fall (with reason, of course) which is usually beneath their canopy.

  • Breds lose first round playoff game to Greenup County, 57-28

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    If Coach Neil Furnish knew that he would have three receivers with over 100 yards and a total of 490 yards for the game, he probably would have been pleased.  
    That is just what the Thorobreds managed Friday night against the Greenup County Musketeers but, to no avail, in the 57-28 loss in the first round of the 2016 playoffs.   
    Coach Furnish was not pleased.  More later on that.

  • Youthful Breds look to improve on 2015-16 record

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    Coach Larry Kendall has, at most, three seniors to begin the 2016-17 season, and two of them just finished football.  
    Kendall does have three players back who started a lot of games and one other who played quite a bit but only two of them are seniors.  

  • Coach Bill Faulkner, Brooke Faulkner named to 10th Region Volleyball Hall of Fame

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    Harrison County High School’s only volleyball coach, Dr. Bill Faulkner, has been selected for induction into the 10th Region Volleyball Hall of Fame.  
    Faulkner started the Harrison County program in 2001 and just finished his 16th season.  His career record is 374-183.  The Fillies have won 12 district titles and have made it to the Tenth Region semi-finals eight times under his tenure.  

  • Sports Beats

    Meet the Breds and Fillies is
    Nov. 18 on the Hilltop
    The annual “Meet the Breds and Fillies” night will be held on Friday, Nov. 18 in the newly renovated Hilltop gym. There will be a pulled pork dinner beginning at 5 p.m. in the high school cafeteria for the low price of $5 per person.  
    The on-court action begins at 6:30 with both the Fillies and Thorobreds playing for the fans. The cost is $2 per adult with students getting in free.   

  • Stranger things have happened

    Who among us wasn’t beaming with pride when we learned that two of our own, Trenton Thompson and Dillon Pulliam, were going to face each other on Rupp Arena’s floor last Sunday night?  
    Not only are the pair from the same high school, but they played on the same team and for the same coach.  
    I am sure that this was not the only time that high school teammates have played against each other on a college floor but it certainly was the first time for Harrison County.  

  • Bowling Results

    Cynthiana Business 11/2/16
    1 Premier Carpet Cleaning W 31.0/L 9.0
    2 Galactic Alley W 28.0/L 12.0
    3 Man On W 27.0/L 13.0
    4 Wachter Roofing W 24.0/L 16.0
    5 D’s Nutz W 24.0/L 16.0
    6 Sports Unlimited W 21.0/L 19.0
    7 Colmansville Store & Grill W 21.0/L 19.0
    8 Houdini Diesel W 20.0/L 20.0
    9 Legacy Log & Timber W 17.0/L 23.0
    10 CW’s Crew W 17.0/L 23.0
    11 Hisle Motorsports W 17.0/L 23.0
    12 B/L Dry W 16.0/L 24.0
    13 Double O W 13.0/L 27.0

  • Southside Career Day

    Southside Elementary held a
    Career Day on Friday, Nov. 4.
    Law Enforcement, Health and Fire Department were a few of the booths offering information
    to the students.

  • Viewpoint

    Isn’t it ironic that the most contentious and divisive presidential election in recent American history comes just three days prior to Veterans Day?
    The very freedoms that all Americans enjoy, which allows them to spew hatred and vicious personal attacks at each other for their political differences, was guaranteed by the veterans who have fought and died for those very freedoms.

  • Speech Tournament