Today's News

  • Engagement

    •Sarah Katherine Jacobs and John Ryan Kelly plan October wedding in Isle of Palms, S.C.

  • Breds ready to take the offensive this year

    With a year of the new Mark Carroll offense under their belt, the Harrison County Thorobreds offense is ready to set the tempo and put some points on the board this season. 

    Last year was a learning process for the team and coaches alike, but this year everyone knows each other and the offense better and plan to make scoring a regular occurrence. 

    This year’s team will be missing some key elements from last year.

  • Coach proposes Football Bowl

    Harrison County High School is considering hosting a Football Bowl during the 2011-2012 school year. Head Coach of the football  team, Mark Carroll presented the proposal to the Harrison County Board of Education at its meeting last week. He said the Bowl would give Harrison County a chance to get its name out and earn some extra money. The board was receptive to the idea, but urged Carroll to start preparations and planning now if he wants to see it happen.

    Other actions taken by the board at the meeting included:

  • Property Transfers


    Warranty Deed: Stanford Fain to Kenneth Lee Fain, 2 Tracts on Stringtown Pike, 154.42 acres, $1.

    General Warranty Deed: Stephen Marc Haines to Aiden C. Bowles and Sabrina D. Bowles, 140.0578 acres on Dixon Road, $244,000.

    Quit Claim Deed: Heather Ladick to Benjamin Noel Farmer, property on South Main Street.

    John Paul Taylor and Elizabeth Ann Taylor, John Paul Taylor-Co-Executor, Mary Jane Jones and Danny Jones, Mary Jane Jones-Co-Executor to Orville B. Fowler, property in Cynthiana, $45,050.


    Here’s a big yee-haw for the arrival of the Harrison County Fair!

    Summertime just wouldn’t seem the same without hog shows, tractor pulls, tilt-a-whirl rides, corn dogs, a newly crowned fair queen and funnel cakes.

    And while our annual fair has expanded to include many new activities (think mutton’ bustin’ and golf cart corn hole), the fair still brings with it an old excitement.

    For many families across the county, calendars are marked off and reserved for the more-than-a-week of fair fun.

  • Stay cool with summer reading

    When I was young, going to the library almost everyday of the summer was a ritual. Almost like going to the pool.

    Except my days were filled with the adventures of Nancy Drew, the Sweet Valley High twins, the Baby Sitters Club girls and the Baudelaire children.

    My sister and I, in fact, were always trying to “out-read” each other every summer, but, of course, I always won.

    And, we had ALL of the prizes to prove it: coupons to the zoo, the Horse Park and  Snappy Tomato Pizza, stickers, stamps, bookmarks, Frisbees, cups and new books.

  • Summer intern falls for Cynthiana, literally

    I have only been living in Cynthiana for about a week now, but I have already had a once-in-lifetime experience here. An experience, quite frankly, that gave a new meaning to the phrase “sleeping on the job.”

    It was a Wednesday afternoon. I was at Food Lion interviewing a young man about his first week back to work after taking off several months for medical leave. We had been chatting for maybe 15 minutes or so about school and his family when things began to lose focus in my vision.

  • Just wait ‘til you have kids of your own

    I have become my mother. She warned me years ago that it would happen. And, years after her death, her prophesy has come to pass.

    As my children were growing up, I felt twinges of the metamorphis taking place... Like when I would say something like “You just wait til you have kids of your own,” or “You’ll poke your eye out.” And, the ever-popular “If Susie jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” She was also good at telling me that she would love to see me as a mother. That was always followed by a synical laugh.

  • Harrison County District Court



    Judge William D. Probus


    Presiding July 26, 2010




    Chastity Lonaker, 1987,  show cause deferred/installment payment; to serve 25 days in jail in lieu of fine and cost.




    Bobby J. Brewer, 1982, contempt hearing; motion for contempt withdrawn, paid.


    Daniel Holbert, 1980, contempt hearing; community service complete, cash bond to be refunded.


  • Supplies shouldn’t be required for students in public schools

    To the editor:

    The supplement published with the Thursday July 22 edition of the Cynthiana Democrat, “Back To School,” was so nice and informative for everyone - students, parents, grandparents, business people, and for that fact, everyone in the community. I wish there had been something like this in my day. No more guessing or asking about bus schedules, classes, even wearing apparel. Nothing second hand. Just read it and keep it handy until it all becomes routine.