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  • Lincoln Day Dinner
  • Fiscal court magistrates
  • Belt Advancement
  • Soil still needs to dry out and warm up before starting seeds outdoors

    I generally have seed trays full of little sprouts by now, but this year the lingering cold weather has me languishing, quite frankly.  
    The seed potato and onion sets sit waiting for the soil to dry out a bit and seed packets glare at me from their neat stack strategically placed on the kitchen work table.  

  • Researchers seek public’s help in locating barn owl nesting locations

    Researchers need the public’s help in finding more nesting sites of Kentucky’s remaining barn owls.
    Barn owls, with their distinctive heart-shaped faces and dark eyes, were plentiful across Kentucky as late as the 1960s. Currently, however, there are only about 25 documented nesting locations statewide.
    Wildlife biologists with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources need to locate as many barn owl nesting sites as possible to gain a deeper understanding of why this species has declined in the state.

  • Pasture weed meeting planned for Monday, April 1

    As pastures continue to decline from the hot dry summer months last year, we continue to see more and more weeds showing in pastures. There are many questions such as: Where do they come from? What are they? And how can you control them?

  • New Drivers

    Makinsey Lesak, Morgan Eden, Andy Teegarden, Matthew Dennie, Angela Dawn Strong, Jordan Cameron Fletcher, Derick Charles Hurst, Antione Johnson, and Michal Thomas.

  • Restaurant Inspections

    Feb. 5 -- Valley Restaurant, 97%, great job on temps; floors need cleaning between equipment; miscellaneous items around kitchen.
    Feb. 6 -- Ronnie’s Bar and Grill, 95%, record temps, hot and cold; cutting board needs replacing; need bleach for sanitizer.
    Feb. 7 -- Baptist Day Care, 100%, record more temps.
    Feb. 7 -- Our Little Miracles, 100%, issues corrected.

  • Property Transfers

    Randy Northcutt and Ernestine Northcutt to George D. Switzer and Jo Ann Switzer, property at 119 N. Elmarch Ave., $50,000.
    Lisa Michelle Foster and Paul Christopher Foster to Bobby L. Stroub and Brandy R. Northcutt, property on Miller Street, $48,000.
    The Karl C. Kelty Family Share Trust Estate to Arthur L. Hall Jr., and Christina Hall, property in Harrison County, $340,000.
    Mark S. Smith II and Kylena M. Smith to Joseph Ryan Owens and Danelle M. Owens, Lot 103 in Westwoods Subdivision, $100,000.