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  • Cynthiana Police Report



    Case reports


    June 27 – At 1:26 p.m., Justin Cowart, Mo., reported that three individuals he had working for him selling magazines in the area were allegedly keeping the money without placing orders for the magazines.


    June 28 – At 8:22 a.m., Ronda C. Wilson, owner of the Lollipop Tree, reported that someone tried to enter her business by breaking out a glass on the back storm door.


  • Cynthiana Art Walk returns this summer

    The 2009 Cynthiana Art Walk brought hundreds of people to downtown Cynthiana to participate, to stroll, to laugh and to enjoy artistic talents on display. The evening came alive as business after business threw open their doors for artists’ displays and visitors’ viewing. There were music venues, a creative fashion show, wine tasting, things to eat, places to sit and fun for all ages.

  • Limited-time special on season football chair back tickets

    The Harrison County High School athltic department has announced a special ticket price for the chair back section of the football stadium. 

    Beginning today through Tuesday, Aug. 17, at the close of school, tickets for the four-game season at the Harrison County Athletic Complex will be on sale for $25 each for the chair back section. Regular game time ticket price for these seats is $10 each so there is a $15 savings per ticket. 

  • Harrison County Circuit Court


    Judge Jay Delaney

    presiding July 20, 2010


    Gary Leon Clapp vs. Techau’s Inc., status hearing; status conference held, remanded from docket.

    Carl Bates vs. Viola J. Ritchie, motion hour; (motion to dismiss), motion to dismiss granted, order entered.

    Roberta Smoodin vs. Conrad Ellis Stipp Jr., motion hour; motion for default granted, order to be entered.

    Kentucky Housing Corporation vs. Jason Edwards, motion hour; motions granted, order entered.

  • Turning messes into masterpieces

    When I was 16 or so I made sand candles.

    A hole in damp sand acts like a mold that you pour hot wax into. When the wax dries, you lift out a candle and brush the sand off. Voila!

    A friend taught me how to make them while we were at the beach one day and I decided it would be fun to try it at home. So, we loaded up my mom’s car with boxes of sand and once home, I set out to show Mom what I had learned by putting huge hunks of wax and red crayons in a pot on the stove to melt. Mom loves candles and I was eager to present her with a waxen masterpiece.

  • Reflections: Looking at the past, while moving forward

    Members of the school board, Mr. Dotson, Ms. Fischer, Mr. Schmidt, Ms. Casey, Mr. Switzer, parents, guests and the Class of 2010: 

    Seniors, I am honored to share some thoughts with you tonight. I know you are anxiously waiting to get that diploma.

    Congratulations class of 2010.

    You have reached another rung on the ladder of your educational journey. You may recall your first day of school---getting on the school bus, mom with her camera taking your picture, giving you hugs and shedding a few tears. Probably you shed some tears also. 

  • Relay Co-Chairs thank community for support

    To the editor:

    Relay for Life was held on June 25 with great success! We would like to thank the following sponsors:

    Gold Sponsors -  Cynthiana Democrat, WCYN, Harrison Memorial Hospital, Cynthiana Lions Club, Ken’s New Market, Action 500/Action Realty, Doctors for a Cure (Drs. Clarke, Shulstead, and Stephens), Cynthiana Vision Center, Elks Lodge 438, Cynthiana Rotary Club, Licking Valley Internal Medicine & Pediatrics PSC, Family Care Associates, Peter Newberry Attorney & Counselor at Law and Sorrell Home Medical.

  • Who’s got the best story?

    When my youngest daughter was in middle school she told me she got gypped out of a testimony.

    She went on to explain that whenever she went to church camp or a retreat, a guest speaker would give his or her faith testimony.

    The details would differ from speaker to speaker, but not the format: “I used to do really, really bad things” or “my life was really, really bad because other people did really, really bad things to me and then I met Jesus and now my life is really, really good.”

  • Harrison County District Court


    Judge William D. Probus

    presiding July 12, 2010


    Estate of Teresa P. Taylor, probate hearing; will admitted to probate, orders entered.

    Estate of Joseph M. Barnes, motion hour; (motion to withdraw-formal settlement), motion sustained, informal settlement filed.


    Feliciano J. Buenrostro, 1969, contempt hearing; paid.

    Shaun R. Lenz, 1991, review; intentional breach compulsory attend school officer; sheriff’s fee paid, dismissed by agreement.

  • Words from parents and fans should be encouraging

    To the editor:

    Throughout life, we can learn lessons from a variety of individuals: parents, teachers, coaches, and friends. Several years ago, I learned a valuable lesson from a man (I barely knew then) at a T-ball game at River Road Park.