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  • Practice electrical safety in the home and garden

    If electrical appliances are not maintained or used properly, your home can be diminished in a matter of seconds.
    Electrical appliances within the home are part of our everyday life – from the toaster, heaters, hair curler, blow dryer, microwave, television, and stereo. If these appliances are not maintained, stored or used properly, they can pose a serious safety hazard. Here are some safety precautions for electrical appliances in the home:
    • Electrical appliances should not be used around water.

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  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Debra Messing’s NBC show
    6. Distress call
    9. Pack down
    13. *Coat used by army starting in Korean War
    14. It can be electric
    15. Of the kidneys
    16. E.T., e.g.
    17. *Progressive or Victorian one
    18. O. Henry’s specialty
    19. *a.k.a. “Father of U.S. Constitution”
    21. *Underground Railroad conductor
    23. Presidential election mo.
    24. Arizona city
    25. Auction call
    28. Poet ____ Angelou

  • Farmers Market meeting tonight

    A certification meeting for the Farmers Market will be held Thursday, April 18 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Harrison County Extension Office and will certify WIC, Seniors and GAP requirements for 2013.
    For those planning to participate in the 2013 Farmers Market make every effort to attend. Call 234-5510 if you have any questions.

  • Transition houseplants outdoors

    Our current warm sunny weather-it’s about time-has made everyone just delighted and the intoxication of it all may lead us to act impulsively.  
    I am as anxious as anyone to move some of my houseplants outdoors: my gardenia looks terrible in the dining room and the jasmine down stairs seems to stare into space dreaming of better days.
    Those days are coming, just be slow about the transition from indoors to out.  

  • Earth Day 2013: The face of climate change

    State Farm Service Agency (FSA) John W. McCauley announces his support for Earth Day. Climate change can seem like a remote problem, but in fact it impacts real people, animals, and their environments. These Faces of Climate Change are multiplying every day. Fortunately, we can do something about it.

  • Harrison District Court

    Judge Charles W. Kuster Jr.
    presiding April 8, 2013
    Estate of Ernie L. Collins, probate hearing; order entered.
    Estate of Sidney S. Grannis, probate hearing; will admitted, order entered.
    In re: Nancy Carol North, probate hearing; amended.
    Geneva McClanahan vs. Jason Davis, court trial; forcible detainer sustained.
    Rita Jones vs. Linda King, court trial; forcible detainer sustained.
    Geneva McClanahan vs. Eric Knipper, court trial; tenant moved, dismissed, costs.

  • Harrison County Sheriff's Department

    Traffic Cases
    The following information from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office indicates drivers and/or owners whose vehicles were involved in accidents.

    April 6 – At 12:53 p.m., a non-injury accident was reported on KY 1842 within the city limits. Derek Price was attempting to back out of a private driveway on KY 1842 when he struck an occupied vehicle owned by Carol Rice.

    April 9 – At 10:38 a.m., John Burk reported that all the copper wiring in a home located on US 27 had been stolen.