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  • Troop 76
  • Early fall color could be sign of tree distress

    In many parts of North America, people will soon enjoy one of nature’s finest shows - fall foliage. Color-changing leaves make for a beautiful display, but early changes in leaf-color can be a sign that your tree is stressed and vulnerable to insect and disease attack.
    If the leaves on your trees are changing color sooner than similar trees in the area, consult a professional arborist, who can identify any problems and offer possible solutions.

  • Bowling results

    Cynthiana Business
    Premier Carpet Cleaning 12 4; Wachter Roofing 11 5; N.R.G. Landscaping 10 6; Double O. Trailer 10 6; Perkins Tire & Lube 9 7; Bluegrass Bowling & Golf Supply 8 8; Hisle Motorsports 8 8; CW’s Crew 8 8; Galactic Alley 7 9; Six Pack 7 9; Butlerwhatknots 6 10; D’s Nuts 6 10; B-Dry 5 11; Legacy Log & Timber 5 11.

  • God sends help when it’s most needed

    I’ve mentioned my friend Harry before.
    He’s 86ish and used to golf every day, but one day several years ago he decided he’d had enough and hung up his clubs, or whatever it is you do when you stop golfing.
    Harry and his wife, Charlotte, have sat behind me in church for as long as I can remember.
    When we built the sanctuary 12 years ago, Harry and Charlotte scoped the place out and chose their spot on the second row, second section on the left, Saturday night service.
    I chose my spot on the first row, right in front of Harry.

  • Christians should take note of soccer team’s example

    It is usually the front section of our newspapers that contains information regarding violence in the world.  When we turn to the sports sections of our papers we usually do not find a great amount of news that causes us any concern, except if our favorite team is on a losing streak.  Can we say Cincinnati Reds?  
    Within the last two weeks we have read about and watched a replay of two San Antonio high school football players hitting a referee from behind.

  • Church News 9-24-15

    The Story-Believe is a church-wide spiritual growth experience for all ages, taking each person on a journey, showing how to think, act, and be more like Jesus. The format is flexible, consisting of an introduction and three 10-week modules revealing the key beliefs, practices and virtues of a Christ-follower. The accompanying age-appropriate cirricula, as well as a rich assortment of printed and digital tools, make this a powerful church-wide discipleship program.

  • Coming of fall brings on dreaded realization that winter is on its way

    So it’s officially here.
    Fall. With its beautiful leaves and soft breezes and festivals galore. And let’s not forget Halloween, which is absolutely the best holiday.
    Yet I can’t help but feel sad at this time of year, because I know that in just about a month or so, those soft breezes will turn downright cold.
    There’ll be frigid temperatures and ice and snow. Jack Frost will be nipping at our noses (Sorry, I couldn’t help throwing that in there.)

  • The criminalization of food choices is government overreach

    In 2011, federal agents launched a sting operation on an Amish farmer.  Prof. Baylen J. Linnekin provides details of the raid:
    “Federal agents watched the home closely for a year, gathering evidence.  Then, in a pre-dawn raid, armed members from three agencies swooped in.

  • Police search for Cash Express robbery suspect

    Becky Barnes,

    Police are continuing to look for a suspect they say pointed a gun at a Cash Express clerk on Saturday.
    Cynthiana Police Chief Ray Johnson said the man entered the business shortly after 11 a.m. to make his demands.
    “Gimme the money,” the suspect said in a distinct southern drawl to the clerk.
    Johnson said the clerk first thought the person was joking. Then he pulled a small caliber handgun from the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt and pointed it at her.

  • Saturday’s Berry Festival will be first in five years