Today's News

  • Harrison District Court

    Judge Charles W. Kuster Jr.
    presiding Aug. 22, 2011
    Estate of Joe Frank Ireland, probate hearing; will admitted, order entered and bond approved.
    Estate of Wanda L. Perrin, probate hearing; passed to be re-noticed.
    Charlene Fritz vs. Melanie Jenkins, court trial; forcible detainer sustained.
    John Whalen vs. Debra Porter, court trial; forcible detainer sustained.
    Floyd McDanell vs. Scott Anderson, other hearing; order entered.

  • Galls form on leaf or stem, rarely causes damage to the tree

    If you have any hackberries around your house, you have probably noticed falling leaves that have little protrusions on them.
    It looks strange and serious but rarely does it cause damage to the tree. What you are seeing is a type of gall. Referred to as spindle or nipple gall, the spindle-like protrusions on the leaves are caused by mites that gather around buds in the spring and enter the leaves as they unfurl.

  • HMH brings color to hospital via local talent

    Harrison Memorial Hospital has become the home to many local and regional artist’s masterpieces.
    While the walls of the newly built emergency room were still bare with common shades of gray and light brown, one Cynthiana art enthusiast took it upon herself to lighten the place up with a little local talent.
    Karen Bear loves art and, for that matter, anything that is involved with art. From music to children’s drawings, every piece deserves audiences attention.

  • Brown civil suit refiled in Magoffin

    The dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Brenda Kay Brown against Edwin M. Culbertson in Johnson County on Aug. 19 was not the end of the civil matter.

  • Blaine Henry basketball tournament is this weekend

    The third annual Blaine Henry Basketball Tournament will be held at The Rev. Ross Park on Saturday, Sept. 3, and Sunday, Sept. 4.
    This year’s tournament will feature five-on-five action two be played in two brackets for children ages 13 to 15 and 16-18.
    All proceeds from the tournament will go to Champions for a Drug Free Harrison County.
    Donations may be made directly to Champions, which is directed by Karen Adams, P.O. Box 613, Cynthiana, KY, 41031.

  • Shots fired during Pugh’s Ferry dispute

    A domestic disturbance at the Robinson Dam Saturday evening led to threats against law enforcement.
    Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Peak said his initial call to Robinson at 7 p.m. was because witnesses reported seeing Christopher Combs, 26, punch his fiance, Rebecca Barnett, in the face.
    Peak said Combs and Barnett were there with friends and were also there to make a custody exchange of her two children with her estranged husband.

  • School salaries released

    Nearly 10 percent of the Harrison County School District’s $16.8 million salary budget was paid to its top 20 staffers in 2010-11, most of whom are administrators.
    The superintendent and assistant superintendent are again the top paid employees within the district. Andy Dotson earned $112,540.08 last fiscal year as superintendent compared to $111,269.04 the previous year.
    Assistant superintendent Dee Gee Fischer took a $10,000 cut from $109,083.50 in 2009-10 to $99,119.16 in 2010-11. However, she maintained her second highest paid status.

  • Community theater gives small town taste of big city

    The arts are strong in the community, just ask anyone who goes to the theater.
    I have always enjoyed theater and watching plays and musicals.
    I was into theater, especially in high school when Laura Stephens cornered me and told me how I WAS going to be in her first musical “State Fair.”
    Stephens, a former student of the well-known drama coach Bill Caywood, looked to bring theater and arts back to Harrison County High School after a long drought of no student plays.

  • Most taxing districts opt for same or lower tax rates

    For the taxing districts in Harrison County that have already established their rates for 2011, it appears they are considering the economic plight of taxpayers.
    Five of the seven taxing districts have set either lower or the same tax rates as last year.
    The city of Cynthiana has yet to set its rate. However, a hearing is set for Sept. 8 to gain public comment regarding a tax rate that would generate 4 percent more revenue for the city than last year’s rate.

  • Obstacles to Recovery Barrier #1: Enabling

    The person with addiction faces social obstacles that make it difficult to recover. Namely, this occurs when others enable the addiction to continue. By the time the addiction has developed, the individual has formed “a system of personnel” that willingly or inadvertently, permit the ongoing use.