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  • Three Fillies on pre-season volleyball watch list

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    Three Harrison County High School volleyball Fillies were named to the pre-season watch list by the Coaches of the 10th Region.  
    The three are senior middle hitter Danielle Dunaway and sophomores Kelsey Gifford and Emma Gooden.  Gifford is an outside hitter and Gooden is a setter.

  • Sports beat

    Marshall leads Kentucky
    to win over Tennessee
    Incoming Harrison County High School freshman, Connor Marshall, helped the Kentucky Future Stars defeat their Tennessee counterparts, 44-27, Saturday at Western Kentucky University’s Stadium.  

  • Connersville School 1939-40
  • Let’s hear it for Cleveland

    Most people think that when the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors Sunday that this win broke the “curse’ which has plagued the city on Lake Erie since 1964.  
    1964 was the year that the Browns of the NFL had given the city its last championship of any of the professional franchises. That year the Browns, led by Jim Brown and Kentucky’s Lou “The Toe” Groza, beat the Baltimore Colts 27-0 to win the title.  

  • Dandi-Lions, Mud Hens win twice in girls coach-pitch softball

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    In girls’ coach-pitch action the past week, the Mud Hens and Dandi-Lions notched two hard-fought victories.  
    Wednesday’s action saw the Dandi-Lions battle the Dirt Diamonds in game one. The Dandi-Lions jumped out to a 6-1 lead in the first inning with several girls getting key hits.  
    In the third inning, Gracie Fetters hit an inside-the-park home run to push the lead to 10-3.  

  • HCHS Track and Field Awards
  • Garrison signing
  • Bowling results

    Tuesday Adult Youth 6/14/16
    NOS INC.. W 18.0/L 10.0
    The Bowling Stones W 17.0/L 11.0
    OMG Rookies W 16.0/L 12.0
    Gutter Mindz W 15.0/L 13.0
    We Love C.A.K.E. W 15.0/L 13.0
    Rolling Thunder W 13.0/L 15.0
    Corny 4 W 12.0/L 16.0

  • Pick-a-Project: Crape Myrtles . . . we can do it

    Would you come with me as we wander down memory lane for a few lines?
    Do you remember way back when Harrison High School decided to add football to its sports offerings? Do you remember that the team consisted of high school boys who had, for the most part, never played football, and a coach who had never coached football? Do you also remember that there was no expectation that this team could do very well?
    And that was O.K., they were young and inexperienced and it could take years for Harrison County football to reach any level of success.

  • Harrison District Court

    Judge Charles W. Kuster Jr.
    presiding June 13, 2016
    Estate of Mary Alice Browning, probate hearing; order entered.
    Portfolio Recovery Assoc., LLC vs. William Grose, motion hour; order entered.
    Irene Shepperd vs. Ashley O’Brien, court trial; forcible detainer sustained.
    Merrill Northcutt Jr. vs. William Reed, court trial; forcible detainer sustained.
    Merle Northcutt vs. Greg Roberts, motion hour; passed to be re-noticed.