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  • MCTC/LVC thankful for support at Family Fun Day

    To the editor:

  • Sign dispute is ‘a joke’

    To the editor:

    Go Harrison County! We have no crime here! We have no drug problem here! We have no industry or employment problems here! We have no children going to bed hungry here! We have no youth recreational facility problems here! What we do have in our county is a big fat “my opponent’s campaign sign is too big” problem!

    What a joke.

    Cynthia Sexton



  • Motorcyclists shouldn’t be singled out by police

    To the editor:

    Why would the police department spend part of a $17,000 state traffic grant singling out motorcyclists? According to last week’s newspaper article, it  was because motorcycle fatalities were up and the police need to check licenses, permits, insurance and helmet laws. There is no helmet law for experienced riders over 21 years old.

  • Academic Briefs


    Bourbon County High School graduate and Transylvania University first-year Jordan Harris Evans was recently inducted into Transylvania’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honor society that recognizes academic excellence. To be included, students must have maintained a 3.5 or higher GPA and be in the top 20 percent of their class during their first year or term of college.

    Evans is the son of Donna Evans of Cynthiana.


  • Tennis team continues successful season with win over Nicholas County

    Monday night at the Harrison County tennis courts, the Fillies and Thorobreds tennis teams smashed out a win over Nicholas County taking 11 of 12 matches. 

    The match featured an unusual mixed pairs win for Ashlyn Techau and Jade Jenkins as they defeated a boys pair of Scalf and Fryman for the Bluejackets. The boys matches were extremely one sided as all matches, but one was a 6-0 win for Harrison County. The other match was a 6-1 win. 

  • Newberry is ignoring the law; what will he do as judge?

    To the editor:

  • Harrison County Sheriff's Report




    April 10 at 3:41 a.m. -- injury, Ky 3003, Johnathan Craycraft, 29, Cynthiana, driving a 1989 Chevrolet K1500.

    April 22 at 7 a.m. -- non-injury, Ky 36 West, Vishal D. Mistry, 24, Cynthiana, driving a 2002 Ford Windstar struck a deer.

    April 17 at 5:42 p.m. -- injury, Ky 1842 West, Stephen J. Bishop, 58, Lexington, driving a 2004 Honda VTR1000.


  • Baptisia 2010 Perennial Plant of the Year

    Known as false indigo or wild indigo, Baptisia australis is a North American native that is due some new attention; it is good to see it rise to the ranks of a Perennial Plant of the Year. 

    Most gardeners just want things to look good without too much fuss and that’s the mission of the Perennial Plant Association’s “Plant of the Year” program. 

    Each year, industry professionals vote for what they think is an outstanding perennial. This year the votes have been cast for Baptisia australis.

  • Harrison County Circuit Court


    Judge Jay Delaney

    presiding April 20, 2010


    Herman Maryea vs. Sheila Dawson, motion hour; (motion to withdraw), motion granted, order entered.

    Jessica Jewell vs. Regina Raab, M.D., motion hour; motion for summary granted, order entered.

    Emma Jo Cash vs. Larry A. Frederick, pretrial conference; no parties present, remanded from docket.

    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. vs. Jason Duckworth, motion hour; (motion confirming sale, taking credit and ordering deed), motion granted, order entered.

  • Pow-wow event coming soon

    To the editor:

    My name is Clinton F. Gould and I have resided in Cynthiana and Harrison County for the past 12 years. I am a member of the Grand Traverse band of Ottawa/Chippewa Indians of northern Michigan. I am writing to inform of my desire to introduce the Native American culture to Cynthiana and Harrison County.