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  • HMH opens Room 251 to shuttle tours

    Lee Kendall,

    News Writer



    Harrison Memorial Hospital is all about “The Dead,” at least for one day. 

    One of the last remaining community hospitals in the state, HMH is jumping in with both feet for the Aug. 6 The Walking Dead Day in Cynthiana.

    In the original The Walking Dead comic book, patrolman Rick Grimes is shot by a criminal and is treated at Harrison Memorial Hospital. 

  • 10k copies of TWD at Chamber

    Becky Barnes,




    When plans were just beginning for Cynthiana’s The Walking Dead Day, Robert Kirkman promised 2,000 copies of the first TWD graphic novel with an enhanced cover.

    As the days turned into weeks and it became obvious that The Walking Dead Day had developed a life of its own, that number was increased to 10,000.

  • Emergency Services available during The Walking Dead Day

    Cynthiana will be welcoming hundreds if not thousands of people on Saturday for the one-day The Walking Dead Day. 

    Anytime there are that many people, there needs to be emergency plans in place.

    All emergency calls for the day should go through 9-1-1. Non-emergency calls should still use 859-234-7100.

    The Cynthiana Police Department will be joined by members of other departments who are all part of the Back-UPs program, as well as troopers from the Kentucky State Police.

  • TWDD Schedule of Events

    7 a.m. -- Shuttles begin from Harrison County High School and Flat Run Veterans’ Park

    10 a.m. -- Limited edition comic release at the Chamber of Commerce office, Pike Street entrance

    10 a.m. -- Shuttle tours begin with pickup at the corner of Pleasant and Church streets, directly across from the Cynthiana Baptist Church. Silent auction opens adjacent to Rohs Opera House.

    12 p.m.--Costume contest gets underway behind Rohs at TWD mural

  • We hope you enjoy The Walking Dead Day

    In less than three days, The Walking Dead will take over Cynthiana. 

    The committee and the Chamber of Commerce have spent countless hours within the last two months in preparation for Saturday’s events.   

    We have had numerous meetings with city officials and department heads to make this experience as safe as possible.

  • Original artist is living his childhood dream

    Lee Kendall,

    News Writer



    Most childhood dreams come crashing down when adulthood comes calling. A boy’s dreams of becoming a big league ballplayer, a girl’s ambition to become a country music star usually fade and reality sets in. 

    That boy may become a teacher and that girl may become a nurse.  That’s life and that’s just the way it is for most of us.

    But not all.

  • Kirkman welcomes TWD fans to hometown

    Becky Barnes,




    One might not believe that a man who creates zombies and then has them attack the living, often in bloody fashion, would have a soft spot.

    However, that is exactly what The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has for his hometown.

    Kirkman and his wife Sonia, also a Cynthiana girl, have repeatedly shown their love for Cynthiana through philanthropic ventures.

  • Viewpoint

    So here we are in the countdown to The Walking Dead Day.

    How exciting for Cynthiana and Harrison County!

    If you are reading this, you have seen The Cynthiana Democrat’s souvenir edition.

    Always, always after something comes out in print, you either remember something that should have, would have, could have been included or even a mistake that needs clarified.

    It’s a great section of which I am very proud and excited for our staff who worked so diligently to make it happen.

  • Church News



    Central Christian Church will be hosting a Back to School event on Sunday, Aug. 7 and will be giving school supplies to community children grades K-12. The event will be held from 2-5 p.m. at the church.

    Sheer Magic beauty salon employees will be on hand to give free hair cuts.

    Hotdogs and chips will also be served.







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