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  • Don’t let faith get stuck in one gear

    When I met my husband, he drove a totally hot car, a brand-new 1973 Mercury Comet GT, white with burnt orange pinstripes and burnt orange interior.

    And it had a manual transmission.

    Because we were young and newly in love and Barry had miles of patience, he attempted to teach me to drive it. It helped that we lived in Northern Maine where there wasn’t much to crash into except snow banks and caribou.

  • Board begins school board member replacement process

    The Harrison County Board of Education has initiated the process for replacing school board member Lucy Vanhook, who resigned in November with a Dec. 31 effective date.

    Vanhook, who cited a conflict with her work schedule, stepped down after 11 years serving as the Division 2 representative.

    According to a release received Monday morning, the position will be served for the balance of 2010. Candidates must run in the November 2010 election to continue on the board.

    For more on this story, see this week's Cynthiana Democrat.

  • Harrison County Circuit Court


    Judge Robert McGinnis

    presiding Dec. 15, 2009


    Helen Hyatt vs. William M. Hyatt, motion hour; sustained order.

    Jessica Jewell vs. Regina Raab, M.D., motion hour; (motion to quash), withdrawn by notice.

    Chase Home Finance vs. William Brown, motion hour; sustained order.

    Countrywide Home Loan Servicing LP vs. Rickey White, motion hour; sustained order.

    Claude Felts vs. Bill Stull, motion hour; overruled.

    Kentucky Housing Corporation vs. Aaron L. Turner, motion hour; sustained order.

  • The dish on NFL playoffs, UK sports, wrestling

    It’s official!! The Jets were given the playoff berth. The Ravens, Green Bay and Philadelphia earned the wild cards and the Jets were given theirs.   I hope that the Bengals and Colts lose the first game they play. 

    Bobby Feeback was the guest on Let’s Talk Sports Saturday morning on WCYN. Between the calls and other interruptions, he was able to give a good account of what goes on with a student athletic trainer.  

    While the job has many exciting moments, it is a demanding and time consuming venture.

  • Harrison County Family Court


    Judge Barbara Paul

    presiding Dec. 16, 2009


    Brandy Moran vs. Moran Pedro Diaz, motion hour; (motion for child support), child support set.

    Alicia Sherise Johnson vs. Joshua David Johnson, motion hour; (motion for child support), remand from docket, movant failed to appear.

    Julie Bates vs. James Mann, motion hour; (motion to dismiss), order to dismiss entered.

    Jennifer M. Campbell vs. Kenton Whitaker, motion hour; (motion for child support), order of support entered.

  • Learn to describe plant problems accurately

    We all seek advice from experts and describing what ails us or our plants is key to determining what’s really going on; and not everyone understands the nomenclature of symptoms caused by insect and disease problems. 

    “I’ve got this thing on my wacha-ma-call-it” won’t get you very far.

    We need to know how to describe the “things” that we find on our plant material so a proper diagnosis and treatment can follow. Knowing a plant’s history and environment helps, too.

  • Sports Beat

    Freshman fall to Lexington Catholic 65-54

    In a game that was much closer than the score indicates the Harrison County freshman team lost to Lexington Catholic by a 65-54 score Monday night. The loss dropped the freshman Breds to a 6-3 record for the year

    Harrison County trailed by only four at the end of the first quarter, but fell victim in the second to some hot three-point shooting by the Knights. Catholic stretched the lead to 13 at the half, 41-28, using marksmanship and a pressing defense. 

  • Drivers should slow down and pay attention to avoid wrecks

    To the editor:

    I noted another accident on US 62 that sent two people to the hospital. I have no idea what gets into people’s minds (probably nothing) that causes them to ignore the highway center lines.

    I drive into Cynthiana at least four times a week and daily see people over the center lines, to the point of having a mirror-to-mirror impact.

    Combining lack of attention with speeding, and it’s a common occurrence.

    Ronald Dumm

    Harrison County

  • Harrison Co. Sheriff's Report




    Dec. 20 at 6:02 p.m. -- non-injury, Ky 1842 North, Stephen Booth, 22, Sadieville, driving a 2008 Ford F250 struck Norris A. Adams, 51, Cynthiana, driving a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 PU.

    Dec. 21 at 7:25 p.m. -- non-injury, Robinson Renaker Road, Justin Gentry, 25, Falmouth, driving a 1999 Ford Escort struck a mailbox.

    Dec. 25 at 8:38 a.m. -- non-injury, US 62 West, Jose L. Cruz Callo, Frankfort, driving a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire struck a guardrail fence and mailbox. The operator fled the scene.

  • School Menus

    Jan. 11-15

    * Menus subject to change due to weather and delivery.



    MONDAY: Cereal, cinnamon toast, juice choices, choice of milk.

    TUESDAY: Waffles with syrup, bacon, juice choices, choice of milk.

    WEDNESDAY: Cereal, muffins, juice choices, choice of milk.

    THURSDAY: French toast with syrup and powdered sugar, bacon, juice choices, choice of milk.

    FRIDAY: Cereal, toast, juice choices, choice of milk.