Today's News

  • Harrison County Sheriff's Department 10.28.10


    Case reports

    Sept. 15 – At 5 p.m., Brian S. Maxwell, Berry-Renaker Road, reported that someone crawled through the doggie door in the basement and removed two chain saws.

  • Cynthiana Police Department


    Case reports

    Oct. 2 – At 11:36 a.m., Tonya Gonzales, First Stop, reported that she was robbed by two men while traveling on River Road.

  • Property Transfers 10.28.10



    Shirley A. Nichols to Gary R. Hughes and Robin T. Hughes, property on Rutland Road, $55,000.


  • New Drivers 10.28.10


    Timothy Broad-Whalen, Shaela B. Christian, Matthew Honeycutt, Tazz Fulton, Christopher M. Muntz, Elizabeth J. Banfield.

  • Meth lab found in backyard

    A Cynthiana family had to go through a series of decontamination processes after finding a meth lab in their back yard Monday evening.

    Cynthiana Police Chief Ray Johnson said his officers were called at 6:15 p.m. to 408 W. Pleasant St. where suspicious materials were discovered inside of a tent.

  • As next mayor, Moses will work hard for Cynthiana

    To the editor:

  • Tailgating on the Hilltop, let’s do it!

    Some friends of mine go to Commonwealth Stadium at 10 a.m. for a 7:30 p.m. kick off and another friend and his lovely wife have a blue bus that goes up sometimes on Friday night for a Saturday game. 

    What in the world?!! You might say. There must be something going on besides football.

    Absolutely not. It is football college style and they are going so early and buying a bus and painting it blue, redecorating with a sofa and recliners and other home-style objects so they will be ready to tailgate.

  • Giving every animal a chance

    He had me with the sad puppy eyes.

    But there was more.

    As if the sad puppy eyes were not enough, I could count the ribs that ran along his side. His pelvic bone was merely draped in the dirty blonde fur. There was no muscle or thickness to what should have been a stocky dog.

    He tried to wag his tail when I greeted him with a few morsels of kibble. It pained him to show even the slightest gratitude. He could barely walk across the yard and stumbled more than once.

    Yes, he had me with the sad puppy eyes.

  • Mattmiller has the personality, intelligence to get things done

    To the editor:

    Our local radio station (WCYN) conducted their weekly online survey last week and the question posed was, “Who do you think will be the next mayor of Cynthiana?” The two candidates were listed and the participants allowed to mark their choice. The result was that 74 percent of the respondents believed that Mark Mattmiller would be the next mayor. His opponent came in with 26 percent. This is a staggering majority, but it is not hard to understand. People believe that Mr. Mark Mattmiller will be mayor because they believe in him!

  • Property Transfers


    Jerry E. Worrell and Shirley M. Worrell to Harold W. Rankin and Rita Rankin, property on East Turkey Lane, $16,000.

    Roy V. Parks and Bonnie Parks to Ronnie Allen Gaunce and Rebecca Gaunce, property at 4398 Oddville-Sunrise Rd., $185,000.

    Hughie C. Cole Jr. and Angela S. Cole to Stephen McCauley, property on Battle Grove Avenue, $32,000.

    Donald Shepherd to Phyllis Penick, property in Belmont Addition, $38,500.

    Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Amy McCall, Lot 12 in Subdivision on Eals Lane and Ruddles Mill Pike, $75,000.