• Marriage Licenses


    Pamela Sosbe Ritchie, 57, and John Lawrence Sullivan Jr., 66, married April 17, 2009.

    Mary Catherine Lively, 39, and Robert Stanley Lenz, 37, married April 16, 2009.

    Ellen Nicole Arnold, 24, and Trinity Allen Hollar, 33, married April 18, 2009.

    Lisa Jo Fryman, 38, and William Howard Ritchie, 35, married April 4, 2009.

    Amanda Louise Simmons, 22, and Charles Lee Hardbarger IV, 26, married May 1, 2009.

    Bettie Jo Ashton, 51, and Larry Wayne Lemons, 59, married May 8, 2009.

  • Property Transfers


    John Chris Navarre to John Louis Navarre, 3.17 acres on Two Lick Pike.

    Quitclaim Deed: Charles L. Whittington and Ro Whittington to Quitclaims to Route 3, LLC, 1 Parcel in Harrison County: Parcel I: Tract I- 242.25 acres; Tract II- 185.75 acres on Dividing Ridge Road; Tract III- A- 33 acres, B- 2 acres.

    Mary S. Carr to James Martin Carr, 54.45 acres in Harrison County.

    James Thomas Morris and Judy R. Morris to Steven Christopher Morris and Scheryl Ann Morris, Parcel 6- 4.869 acres on Republican Pike (Ky. 392).

  • Harrison Co. Sheriff's Report




    May 13 at 3:48 a.m. -- injury, Pughs Ferry Rd., Christopher E. Massey, 24, Germantown, driving a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500.

    May 12 at 6:55 p.m. -- non-injury, US 62 East, Janie Crump, 40, driving a 1989 Ford F150 struck Tiffany L. McKinney, 18, Cynthiana, driving a 1994 Ford Explorer.

    May 16 at 12:40 p.m. -- non-injury, Ky 32 West, Brittany Lewis, 19, Cynthiana, driving a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero.

  • Cynthiana Police Report


    Arrests, citations, warnings

    May 13 -- Gilbert C. Clark, 47, was arrested on Poplar Street and charged with assault, domestic violence, minor injury.

    May 14 -- Matthew Baker, 31, was arreted at Bill’s Bait Shop and charged with theft by unlawful taking, shoplifting.

    May 15 -- Randy Wayne Morgan, 21, was arrested on Main Street on a warrant for contempt of court.

    May 16 -- Justin H. Burns, 27, was issued a warning on U.S.27 South for speeding.

  • New Drivers


    Gabrielle Michelle Fisher, Jade Elizabeth Jenkins, Michael L. Wilson, Paul E. Wilson III, Michelle Curtis, and Emmalee Rosa.

  • Harrison Co. Sheriff's Report




    May 12 at 6:55 p.m. -- non-injury, US 62 East, Tiffany L. McKinney, 18, Cynthiana, driving a 1994 Ford Explorer, struck Jessie W. McKinney, 20, Cynthiana, driving a 1989 Ford F150.

    May 10 at 11:50 a.m. -- non-injury, Bobtown Road, Brent Wagoner, 22, Cynthiana, driving a 1986 Chevrolet C20, struck Viola C. Ritchie, 82, Paris, driving a 2003 Dodge Stratus.

    May 12 at 2:26 a.m. -- non-injury, KY 32 West, Timothy D. Wiley, 20, Cynthiana, driving a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

  • Cynthiana Police Report


    Case reports

    April 19 – At 8:22 p.m., Larry Wachter, Bridge Street, reported a CD player taken from his vehicle.

    April 19 – At 8:28 p.m., Michelle Evert, Cedar Crest Court, reported that someone removed a carton of cigarettes, a Nintendo DS and six games from her vehicle.

    April 20 – At 12:19 a.m., James B. Douglas was arrested after being stopped for a traffic violation and police allegedly found a marijuana cigarette inside a pack of cigarettes. He was charged with possession of marijuana.

  • Property Transfers


    Sole Ownership-Cash Deed for Kentucky: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bryan Thomas and Kathie Thomas, 2.00 acres at 2485 Judy Ridge Road, $26,100.

    Tony Holmes and Susan B. Holmes to Tony Holmes and Susan B. Holmes, Tract 5 - 83.141 acres on Edgewater Pike (Ky. 982).

    Tim Thornton and Betty Thornton to Tim Thornton and Betty Thornton, Tract 5, 83.141 acres, of Edgewater Pike (Ky. 982).

    Walter W. Zent and June Zent to Walter W. Zent and June Zent, Tract 5, 83.141 acres, of Edgewater Pike (Ky. 982).



    March 11 -- Shadynook Store, 100%.

    March 24 -- St. Edward cafeteria, 98%, food containers not to be re-used for storage.

    March 30 -- Walmart Grocery, upper surface of rotisserie needs to be cleaned, pet food spill in warehouse storage, case in defrost.

    April 9 -- Eastside Cafeteria, 100%.

    April 9 -- Claysville Store, 95%, slicer needs clearning, threshold in kitchen needs to be replaced, holes in floor need repair, thermometer needed in freezer, floors need sweeping.

  • Harrison County District Court


    Judge Jay Delaney

    presiding May 7, 2009


    Joshua W. Fryman, 1981, preliminary hearing; flagrant non-support; warrant still active, court date pending service.

    Christopher Kiskaden, 1970, arraignment; flagrant non-support; remand from docket, Circuit Court case.

    Joseph A. McElfresh, 1987, preliminary hearing; flagrant non-support; preliminary hearing waived, case bound over to grand jury.

    Harry Clark, 1969, contempt hearing; community service not complete, 10 days in jail.