Local News

  • Horse killed in Antioch fire

    A horse was killed in a barn fire of unknown origin last week.

    Firefighters were called to Antioch in northern Harrison County on Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 5:50 p.m.

    According to Chief Charles Carson, Brian Kembell pulled a vehicle into the barn about 30 minutes before the fire broke out at 6504 Snake Lick.

    “We have no idea how it started,” Carson said.

    The barn and vehicle were a total loss.

    Thirteen fire personnel were on the scene until 8:30 p.m.

  • Phone scam being reported

    Late Monday afternoon, The Cynthiana Democrat was made aware of an attempted phone scam targeting the newspaper’s classified advertising customers. As of noon Tuesday, two classified customers reported being contacted by telephone by individuals falsely identifying themselves as employees of the advertising department. Customers were informed by the callers that a payment problem had occurred with their advertisement appearing in the newspaper. The callers then asked for the customers’ credit card number or checking account transaction routing number.

  • Artist is living his dream

    Jarrod  Biddle has waited over half of his life for his big break into the entertainment world.

    Last week, before going on the road with Scarekrow and after wrapping up a CD recording, Biddle said he thinks that break has come.

    Bo Allen and Scarekrow is a 4-year-old band that is represented by acclaimed producer Elliot Mazer, who has also done albums for Neil Young, Janis Joplin, Linda Ronstadt, Bob Dylan, The Who and Santana.

    “It’s crazy,” said a thrilled Biddle. “It’s surreal.”


  • Local unemployment rate tops 12%

    For the first time since October 2008, the state’s unemployment rate showed a drop in the percent of unemployed Kentuckians from June to July.

    The state recorded an 11.0 percent unemployment rate in July compared to the 11.1 in June.

    Locally, unemployment figures have doubled from June 2008 to June 2009. July county figures have not been released. In June 2008, there were 585 unemployed Harrison Countians compared to the 2009 figures from the same month at 1,202. In June 2009 the rate for Harrison County was 12.2 compared to the 2008 figure for June of 6.1.

  • Bandy gets 15 years for sex crimes

    James Bandy was in the Harrison County Circuit courtroom Monday morning for final sentencing of eight sex-related charges.

    Judge Robert McGinnis presided, sentencing Bandy to 15 years in prison, with no probation.

    Bandy was arrested on Friday, Dec. 19, 2008, on nine counts of sex crime charges.

    After entering a guilty plea on June 23, three of the nine charges were amended and a persistent felony offender charge was dismissed.

    For the complete story, see this week's edition of The Cynthiana Democrat.


  • Two stabbed in robbery, one arrested

    One man is in jail, charges are pending against three individuals and two men are recovering after a Wednesday night stabbing.

    “Both the victims had driven out to Sugar Hill Lane and were assaulted after their arrival...” said Harrison County Sheriff’s Det. Paul Olin. “One subject was struck with a blunt object and stabbed. The other victim was stabbed numerous times.”

  • Here’s the 411

    It’s been a over a month since the 411 service was launched and Cynthiana Police Chief Ray Johnson said it has yet to be used.

    “Nobody’s using it,” Johnson said Monday afternoon. “I don’t think people really know how to use it.”

    The 411 system allows the dispatch center to receive anonymous internet and text messages.

    The dispatch center then relays the message to the appropriate authorities.

    “It’s just nice to have more eyes and ears to benefit the community,” Johnson said.

  • Suspect confession

    Looking back, Carol Banks said she can now see where something was building to a tragic end.

    Banks was a childhood friend of Bryia Runiewicz, 31, who was murdered Friday in her home on New Lair Road.

    Banks, who lives down the hill from Runiewicz in the Suburban Trailer Park, woke to find police and media vehicles all around her friend’s home. She ran the short distance between their homes to be met by police in Runiewicz’s driveway inside the yellow crime scene tape.

    They confirmed her fears.

  • Helton faces more charges

    Charles Helton, 53, who was last week arrested on multiple charges was released, then arrested again, and now, released again.

    According to Cpl. Walter Tapp, Helton was first charged with receiving stolen property over $10,000 in connection with allegations of over $500,000 of property taken from TI Automotive/Bundy Tubing.

    Helton, a 25-year employee of  TI/Bundy, was also charged Friday with another count of receiving stolen property over $10,000 after police located a storage building at Brannock Acres on Oddville Avenue.

  • H1N1 on the rise

    Flu season usually begins in November.

    This year, with the outbreak of the H1N1 virus, flu season has come months earlier.

    “We have 15 people a day coming through the emergency room with flu-like symptoms...” said Harrison Memorial Hospital director Sheila Currans.

    Currans said 25 individuals have tested positive for H1N1 this month.