Local News

  • Schmidts use private pool to help young swimmers

    The sound of splashing and screeches of laughter often ring out through the Pike and Elmarch area where children have been cooling off in a teacher’s private pool.
    While most teachers tend to enjoy their summers away from their classroom and students, one teacher opened her pool up for students to enjoy afternoon swims and lessons.
    Debbie Schmidt, a second grade teacher at Eastside Elementary, has tried to fill the void of a city pool for a select few children of Cynthiana.

  • Longest Day of Play
  • Clothing Closet’s call for help

    Cynthiana/Harrison County Clothing Closet may be closing its doors on needy families if more help is not provided.
    Clothing Closet coordinator Linda McGowan said that if the highly used ministry is not provided a new place to operate, the Clothing Closet will be closing the doors to the families of Cynthiana and Harrison County.
    Since the Clothing Closet opened in January 2002, the number of individuals and families that have sought the assistance of the ministry has continued to grow each year.

  • Honoring a fallen soldier

    Members of the Harrison County Search and Rescue saluted as the body of Sgt. Jeremy Summers was transported to Battle Grove Cemetery Friday. A large crowd gathered in downtown Cynthiana to honor the fallen soldier and support his family. Summer was killed in Afghanistan on July 14.

  • Truck driver survives fiery crash

    As Andy Smith’s 18-wheeler was grinding along the four-foot concrete wall of a bridge overpass in northern Kentucky, he wasn’t thinking about the special he would sing at Cynthiana Christian Church on Sunday. At least, he doesn’t think he was.
    Other than how he could free himself from the burning cab of his tractor, he doesn’t remember what was going through his mind.

  • Gone fishing

    There is a kid inside all of us and usually, there is an event or hobby that will make even the most serious tempered grown-up smile like a kid in a candy store.
    Shawn Combs is far from being the serious type. Energetic and full of life would probably sum up the biggest portion of Combs’ personality.
    However, something as simple as seeing the end of a fishing pole twitch is enough to give Combs that state of mind similar to a kid waking up on Christmas morning.

  • City offers cool down

    Due to the unseasonably hot weather, the City of Cynthiana will furnish a “cooling off” period. Using the Fire Departments’s truck, sprinklers will be used at the Rev. Ross Park on the following time and dates: 4-6 p.m. on Aug. 4, Aug. 5, Aug. 8; and after 1 p.m. on Aug. 27.
    This will be in effect unless there should be a drastic change in current hot conditions.

  • Heat stroke cause of Perraut death

    A 36-year-old Cynthiana man died from a suspected heat-stroke Thursday afternoon.
    According to Sgt. Wilbur Gross of the Cynthiana Police Department, Edward Chris Perraut was mowing with a Bush Hog in a lot on Chelsea Drive. A neighbor heard him begin working about 4:45 p.m.
    A short time later, the neighbor saw Perraut lying face down at the rear of her residence with the tractor still running.
    The police report states that it appears Perraut got off the tractor to move a tree limb and may have passed out as he bent over.

  • Webb sentenced

    Bass Webb was sentenced to 50 years in prison last week on two attempted murder charges in Bourbon County.
    Webb, who is also charged with the murder of Bryia Runiewicz in Harrison County, was convicted on the Bourbon County charges on May 17. The jury recommended two 25-year sentences to run consecutively.
    Special Judge Jean Logue of Richmond upheld the jury’s recommendation.
    The attempted murder charges stem from a July 31, 2009, incident where Webb tried to run down two officials at the Bourbon County Jail with a Geo Tracker.

  • Grand jury issues charges

    A Harrison County grand jury returned eight indictments to be administered  through circuit court and one for district court during its Tuesday session.
    Jessica Crump, 29, faces a four-count indictment for allegedly breaking into the home of Robert and Betty Hannah on two separate occasions.
    According to the indictment, Crump is charged with two counts of second degree burglary for entering the Hannah home twice between March 17 and March 22.