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  • Charges pending in alleged guardrail theft

    Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve McCauley said he thought he’d seen it all until he was called to a possible theft in progress Monday morning on U.S. 62 at Kendall Branch Road.
    McCauley worked an accident at that location the day before that left the guard rail damaged.

  • Grooming a champion: Ring looks for Doberman winner

    Some graduation gifts come with four wheels and tail-lights, but Ashley Ring’s came with four legs, no tail and, according to her, sometimes has a mind of its own.
    Several years after that first graduation present, Ring is now enjoying the splendors of living with a real life champion Doberman Pinscher.
    Ring decided to venture into the dog showing world after watching hour after hour of the Westminster Dog Show, which is held every year inside the greatest arena ever built, Madison Square Gardens.

  • Local racer develops royal passion for 20-year hobby

    Call it a need for speed or just the rush you get from knowing that you could crash any second; whatever it may be, Brian Royalty has made a hobby out of going fast for the past 20 years, and he says he has no plans of hanging the helmet up anytime soon.
    What started out as a father/son go-kart project, quickly escalated to a full blown weekend at the racetrack for the Royalty family.
    “I have been racing now for 22 years,” said Royalty. “My dad heard about go-kart racing and asked if I wanted to try it and before I knew it, I was hooked.”

  • Sunday shooting deemed ‘accidental’

    A Harrison County man was treated at a Grant County hospital Sunday after receiving a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
    Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy Nathan Gasser said he was called to 542 Stringtown-Webber Road about 11:30 p.m. Sunday for an accidental shooting.
    Gasser said when he arrived it was determined that Tony Perez was firing shots into the ground with his .22 rifle when he accidentally struck himself in the calf. Gasser said alcohol was involved.

  • Animal cruelty charge sought in dog shooting

    Animal cruelty charges are being filed against a Harrison County man following a domestic dispute that ended with a dog being shot to death.
    Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy Nathan Gasser said he was called to Robinson Road Friday night on a welfare check phoned in by a third party. Once at the house, Gasser determined that Randy Jo Hopkins, 44, who had left the residence before Gasser arrived, had been in an argument with his girlfriend.

  • Arrest in cold case murder rewarding for police

    By Jeff D’Alessio,
    Landmark News Service
    ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. — Eleven binders in the Elizabethtown Police Department have been a constant reminder for Detective Pete Chytla.
    They hold hundreds and hundreds of pieces of information from potential leads in a case, including notes from interviews and names and dates related to the death of 35-year-old Lori Paynter. For years, Chytla has scoured over them, looking for a sliver of hope in a murder investigation that seemed to have no end.

  • Massages are not just for pampering, they promote good health, too

    Viewed by many as a form of being pampered, experts say that massages are more than a present from a significant other; they actually promote good health.
    “Massages are often seen as being a treat,” said Harrison Memorial Massage therapist Shae Bishop. “As people have started to realize how beneficial they are, we have had more and more come in for chronic pains, to people who just want to relieve stress.”

  • Park development plans taking shape

    Grants. Grants. Grants. Location. Location. Location.
    Those elements are combining for thousands of dollars worth of developments at Flat Run Veterans’ Park.
    At Tuesday’s Cynthiana City Commission several agenda items centered on park development.
    Commissioners approved a resolution that authorized Mayor Steve Moses to sign the necessary documents for a $32,750 Department of Local Government grant to construct more recreational trails at the park.
    Moses said the interior trails will form a quarter circle along the bottom half of the park.

  • Florida governor asked to reconsider “pill pipeline” monitoring

    Gov. Steve Beshear sent a letter to Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday asking him to reconsider his decision to not implement a state prescription drug monitoring system that could help end the illegal prescription drug pipeline between Kentucky and Florida.
    According to Harrison County arrest records, over the last two years 32 people have been convicted in drug-related cases, specific to the pill pipeline, where suspects allegedly travel from Harrison County to Florida in search of Oxycodone 30s and 15s.

  • Grandparents bilked in scheme

    When Grandma receives a distress call from a grandchild, instinctively she wants to help.
    Beware, cautions local law enforcement.
    One Cynthiana grandparent was bilked for “a significant amount” of cash last week when she believed she was helping a family member.
    These schemes, known as the Grandparent Scam, have been going on for years. The elderly are targeted with a phone conversation that may go something like this:
    “Hi Grandma.”
    “Do you know who this is?”