Local News

  • Palmer seeks re-election to Senate

    State Sen. R.J. Palmer II, D-Winchester, citing a strong record that includes education reform, economic development and expanding highway infrastructure filed for re-election today.

    Palmer, who represents the 28th Senatorial District that includes Bath, Bourbon, Clark, Harrison, Montgomery and Nicholas counties, is beginning his ninth year of service in the Kentucky State Senate. He has served in the senate since 2001.


    See his full announcement in this week's Cynthiana Democrat.

  • Tapp on ballot for transportation officer

    Walter Tapp has filed as a candidate for Harrison County Jailer/Transportation Officer.

    Tapp was born and raised in Harrison County. He graduated from Harrison County High School in 1982. He then went on to graduate from Eastern Kentucky University Police Academy with 400 hours of training. Tapp is Police Officer Professional Standards (POPS) certified. He continues to update his training every year.

    Tapp is a corporal for the Cynthiana Police Department, where he has been employed for the last 21 years.


  • Taylor seeks return to magisterial position

    Paula McNabb Taylor has filed as a candidate for magistrate of District 2, which includes precincts 3 and 4.

    Taylor is a life long resident of Harrison County. Taylor was married to the former magistrate Frankie C. Taylor (deceased). 

    She is the daughter of Ruth Jenkins McNabb and the late Donnie McNabb, both of whom formerly served as magistrates. 

    Taylor has two children and four granddaughters. Her daughter, Lourena, is married to Alan Judy and they have three daughters, Hannah, Katherine and Meredith. Her son, Jonathan, has one daughter, Marissa.

  • Sparks vies for court

    Ray Sparks has announced his candidacy for District 4 magistrate to serve on the Harrison County Fiscal Court.

    Sparks is a 1978 graduate of Harrison County High School. He is the son of Lee and Nona Sparks, both of Harrison County.

    He and his wife, Jennie McKee Sparks, have one son, Austin, who lives in Lexington

    See his announcement is this week's Cynthiana Democrat.

  • Palmer sets sights on District 6 constable

    Joseph “Joey” Palmer has announced his candidacy for sixth district constable.

    Palmer was born and raised in Harrison County and is a 1995 graduate of Harrison County High School. He is married to Lori Reed Palmer and has two children, Kyle, 12, and Reece, 2.

    Palmer is the son of Gary Palmer and Debbie Lemons Palmer. He is the grandson of the late Stanley T. Lemons who served as the first district magistrate for 24 years.

  • Animals, food taken from shelter over weekend

    The Cynthiana Police Department is looking for leads after a break-in at the Flora Shropshire Animal Shelter last weekend.

    “It’s kind of like a slap in the face,” said Animal Control Officer Allen Fryman.

    Police officers responded to the animal shelter shortly after 5 a.m. Sunday morning.

    Police Chief Ray Johnson said two animal shelter employees came to the shelter to clean at that time, finding several animals and supplies missing.

  • Here we snow again

    Tuesday’s weather was a mixed bag of tricks and apparently kept many people at home.

    Cynthiana Police Chief Ray Johnson said everything was pretty quiet for the overnight  shift and even the Tuesday day shift was quiet.

    There was one accident on Tuesday morning in Cynthiana when a motorist slid into a utility pole on Pleasant Street.

    Johnson said when the weather is bad, officers do not run a regular patrol. He said they locate somewhere close to Main Street and respond to calls.

  • Police pick up suspect in home invasion near Sunrise

    One man is arrested and the search continues for another following a Sunrise home robbery and assault, Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Peak said Wednesday morning.

    Joshua Johnson, 22, was arrested Tuesday evening around 8 p.m. at 503 Elmarch Ave., Peak said.

    Johnson was charged with first degree robbery and second degree assault for his alleged part in an incident earlier this month that left one man injured.

    On Jan. 16 around 11 p.m., Peak and Deputy Nathan Gasser responded to a home on Falmouth Sunrise Road.



    Sierra Courtney, 17, says she doesn’t talk or text on her cell phone when she’s driving.

    A senior at Harrison County High School, Courtney said her parents have forbidden cell phone chatting on the road.

    Kentucky lawmakers may soon echo Courtney’s parents.

    A new bill banning text messaging while driving and any cell phone use for drivers under 18 years old passed in an 80-16 vote in the Kentucky House of Representatives last Thursday.

    House Bill 43 now stands in a Senate judiciary committee.

  • Recovered body may be linked to Harrison murder case

    Sabrina Vaughn has been missing from Montgomery County since December 2003. Officials are waiting for confirmation that the body they unearthed last week in Powell County is that of Bass Webb’s former girlfriend.

    According to Montgomery County Sheriff Fred Shortridge, his department has continued to investigate Vaughn’s  mysterious disappearance  since she left her family’s home before Christmas 2003.

    “We got a break that led us to some people and they led us to the gravesite,” Shortridge said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.