• Academic briefs

    Berry resident Joseph R. Anderson has been named to the Spring 2012 Dean’s List at Berea College. A student is named to the Dean’s List who achieves a GPA of 3.2 or higher for a minimum course load equivalent to  16 semester hours.
    Berea College, located in Berea, Ky., is a non-denominational, comprehensive college that offers Bachelor’s degrees in 32 majors, including arts and sciences and select professional programs, as well as independent majors designed by students to mirror approved majors at other colleges.

  • Harrison County Girl Scouts
  • Harrison County Middle School

    The Harrison County Middle School Honor Roll for the fourth nine-weeks includes:
    Sixth Grade - All As
    Morgan Barker, Elizabeth Barnes, Cameron Blankenship, Ariel Bryan, Cameron Cooper, Madison Coppage, Dakota Covert, Haley Creech, Hannah Creech, Mersadeez Dietrich, Max Ferguson, Kelby Gaunce, Kelsey Hutchison, Alyssa Kilpela, Olivia King, Emmalee Lutes, Sydnie Lyons, Devin Mattox, Alex Midden, Karlee Migneault, Emily Northcutt, Madelyn Peveler, Kasey Pike, Owen Stephens, Morgan Sumpter, Rachel Swinford, Bailee Thornsbury, Johana Torres, Ben Vanhook.

  • Westside Elementary

    The Westside Elementary Honor Roll for the fourth term includes:
    Third Grade - All As
    Dallas Barrett, Benji Brewer, Gavin Miller, Kaylee Brooke Northcutt.  
    Third Grade - A/B

  • Academic briefs

    Hundreds of additional incoming freshmen and transfer students have accepted merit-based scholarships to attend Eastern Kentucky University.
    Harrison County recipients include:
    •Karissa Anderson, Cynthiana, Harrison County High School, Colonel Plus Scholarship
    •Rachel Blackburn, Cynthiana, Harrison County High School, Maroon Scholarship
    •Lucinda Boyers, Sadieville, Harrison County High School, Presidential Scholarship


    The Southside Elementary Honor Roll for the fourth nine weeks includes:
    Fourth Grade A/B


    The Northside Elementary Honor Roll for the fourth nine weeks includes:
    Third Grade
    John Alexander, Matthew Barton, Madison Bennett, Landon Bowlin, *Rachel Clifford, *Kaden Culberson, *Mia McDaniel, Landon Kiskaden, Jacob Mineer, Keelin Northcutt, *Austin Pack, *Alexys Switzer, *Riley Warmouth;


    The Eastside Elementary Honor Roll for the fourth grading period includes:
    Fourth Grade


    The St. Edward Catholic School Honor Roll for the fourth quarter includes:
    First Grade
    Avery Barnes, Olivia Barry, Jacob Hargett, A.J. Perraut.
    First Grade - A/B
    Kaitlin Barry, Karley Furnish, Rylee Spence.

    Second Grade
    Courtney Collins, Jacob LaFleur, Rachel Rion, Sydney Furnish.
    Second Grade - A/B
    Samuel Finch, Seaanna Skinner.

    Third Grade
    Ian Boland.
    Third Grade - A/B
    Morgan Cooper, Nicholas Barry, Victoria Gasser.

    Fourth Grade

  • Hannah Elizabeth Sue Blanton