Features http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/features/todaysfeatures en Community Calendar 4-23-15 http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/community-calendar-4-23-15 <p> <strong>THURSDAY, April 23<br /> Conservation Program.</strong> Thursday, April 23 at 5:30 p.m. for grades kindergarten through 12th. The Soil Conservation Office will be providing free trees to participants while the Harrison County Extension Office will be exhibiting various insects and speaking about our local water tables at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library.<br /> Church News 4-23-15 http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/church-news-4-23-15 <p> <strong>BENSON UNITED METHODIST</strong><br /> Benson United Methodist Church will be hosting a &ldquo;Spring Sing&rdquo; on Sunday, May 3 at 4 p.m. featuring the &ldquo;Ole Stump Kickers&rdquo; from Menifee County.<br /> We cordially invite everyone to come and join us for an afternoon of singing and fellowship for the glory of Jesus.&nbsp; Refreshments will be served.<br /> <strong><br /> LIVING HOPE ASSEMBLY OF GOD</strong><br /> Living Hope Assembly of God will host a yard sale on May 2 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 120 S. Walnut St., rain or shine.<br /> Death of the dreaded neighbor lady http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/death-dreaded-neighbor-lady <img src="http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/sites/www.cynthianademocrat.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/nancy_kennedy_39.jpg" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> I killed my neighbor lady last week.<br /> I&rsquo;ve written about her before, about how she&rsquo;s a huge buttinsky when it comes to my kids and how she&rsquo;s always running interference for them, &ldquo;protecting&rdquo; them from the way I parent them and just basically being a major pain in my neck.<br /> We Don’t Miss The Water Until The Well Runs Dry http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/we-don%E2%80%99t-miss-water-until-well-runs-dry <p> Isn&rsquo;t it amazing how we take things for granted in our life from day to day, not realizing that there must be a reason why everything seems to be going well.</p> Teater to host May Omega meeting http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/teater-host-may-omega-meeting <p> The Omega chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met at the home of Lois Judy on Monday, April 6. Eleven members answered roll call by telling Easter traditions started in childhood and carried on through their families.<br /> Guest for the evening was Marley Judy, who was visiting with the hostess.<br /> The social committee gave plans for the group to go to the local play &ldquo;Romeo and Juliet&rdquo; in May, with dinner included. Plans will be finalized at the May meeting.<br /> Stoners to observe 60th anniversary on April 29 http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/stoners-observe-60th-anniversary-april-29 <img src="http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/sites/www.cynthianademocrat.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/l_m-m.buddy_.stoner.jpg" alt="BUDDY AND BETTY STONER" title="BUDDY AND BETTY STONER" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> Buddy and Betty Stoner were married on April 29, 1955 at the home of the minister, the Rev. I.T. Blick in Charlestown, Ind.<br /> They are the parents of Cheryl Hoskins and Jeffrey Stoner; grandparents of Taylor Hoskins, Naomi Gifford and Kristin Collins; great-grandparents of Brittney and Kelsey Gifford and Jenna, Caleb and Kensley Collins; and great-great-grandparents of Michael Sowder.</p> Bradys to be honored with 50th anniversary reception http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/bradys-be-honored-50th-anniversary-reception <img src="http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/sites/www.cynthianademocrat.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/l_m-m.robert.brady_.jpg" alt="MR. AND MRS. ROBERT G. BRADY" title="MR. AND MRS. ROBERT G. BRADY" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gayle Brady (the former Phyllis Doyle) will be married 50 years on May 5.<br /> They will be celebrating with an anniversary reception on Sunday, May 3 from 2-4 p.m. at the Indian Creek Baptist Church&rsquo;s new fellowship hall on Millersburg-Cynthiana Road.<br /> The event is given by their family. All friends and relatives are invited. No gifts necessary but cards are welcomed.<br /> They were married at Headquarters Methodist Church in 1965 by the Rev. Howard Ritchie.<br /> Woman’s club holds April luncheon http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/woman%E2%80%99s-club-holds-april-luncheon-0 <p> The Woman&rsquo;s Club of Harrison County met Friday, April 10 at Hospice of the Bluegrass for the April luncheon and business meeting.&nbsp; Cheryl Case, vice president, presided over the event. She welcomed member and guests.<br /> &nbsp;Anna Foley introduced her guest Jenny Copes and Violet Williams introduced her guest Joyce Clifford. We were pleased to have the ladies join us for our luncheon. &nbsp;<br /> Case led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.&nbsp; Afterward, musical guest Ben Clifford led everyone in singing My Old Kentucky Home. &nbsp;<br />