Features http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/features/todaysfeatures en CYNTHIANA BAPTIST Cynthiana Baptist Church kids ministry will host a Popsicles in the Park on Wednesday, May 18 and May 25 from at 6-7 p.m. at Flat Run Veterans Park, River Road Parks and Cherokee playground. Come join us for free popsicles and learn what http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/cynthiana-baptist-cynthiana-baptist-church-kids-ministry-will-host-popsicles-park-wednesday- <p> Attention anyone with a closet: Those shoes you no longer want are desperately needed to fight the human tragedy of global poverty. &nbsp;<br /> That&rsquo;s the message being delivered by KidCountry, the Children&rsquo;s ministry of Connersville Christian Church, which has launched a drive to collect 10,000 pairs of shoes to help the poor.&nbsp; Used and new shoes can be dropped off at (Connersville Christian Church).<br /> Church News http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/church-news-179 <p> CYNTHIANA BAPTIST<br /> Cynthiana Baptist Church kids ministry will host a Popsicles in the Park on Wednesday, May 18 and May 25 from at 6-7 p.m. at Flat Run Veterans Park, River Road Parks and Cherokee playground.<br /> Come join us for free popsicles and learn what we will be doing this summer. Each week will be something new and exciting. We will also keep the Church News updated and you can see each week&rsquo;s events on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CBCKidsMinistry.<br /> &bull; &bull; &bull; &bull; &bull;<br /> Shining a light on family secretsShining a light on family secrets http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/shining-light-family-secretsshining-light-family-secrets <p> <br /> When my oldest daughter was 4 or 5 we were riding with my mom and Alison blurted out, &ldquo;Grandma, want to know a family secret?&rdquo;<br /> I sat in the passenger seat frozen, not sure what my daughter was about to say.<br /> &ldquo;It&rsquo;s like Dad wearing Mom&rsquo;s underwear,&rdquo; Alison said.<br /> It was one of those moments when you feel obligated to explain, but you sure as heck don&rsquo;t want to because no matter what you say your mom will still think you&rsquo;re an imbecile -- or worse.<br /> Calendar http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/calendar-25 <p> THURSDAY, May 19<br /> Harrison County Historicl Society will meet May 19 at 7 p.m. at Hospice of the Bluegrass, 1317 US Hwy. 62 East (enter by the rear entrance where the meeting room is the first room on left). Eastside and Northside Elementary School History Club will present characterization enactments of famous people.<br /> Bookmobile. The Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library Bookmobile will be available Thursday, May 19 at Grand Haven at 11:30 a.m.<br /> The Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee will meet Thursday, May 19 at Hospice at 5 p.m.<br /> Age, fertility, two factors in blooming http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/age-fertility-two-factors-blooming <p> I have no complaints about plant performance this spring. But, it seems, some gardeners are still stumped by their under-performing plants. &nbsp;<br /> Why plants fail to thrive is a hard question to answer, of course, because a great many things factor into poor performance, lack of bloom or die back.<br /> Too much rain, poorly drained soils or drought stress may mean death or die back for some plants; lack of vigor or bloom for others. &nbsp;<br /> Lucas hosts May Omega chapter meeting, new officers installed http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/lucas-hosts-may-omega-chapter-meeting-new-officers-installed <p> The May meeting of Omega chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met at the home of Rosemary Lucas,&nbsp; with members answering the question &ldquo;what sorority event do you most look forward to?&rdquo;<br /> Replies ranged from attending Keeneland, Christmas celebration, Honors Night, revealing night, and monthly sister breakfast.<br /> Christopher Jase Best http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/christopher-jase-best <p> Christopher Jase Best was born to Erin Elizabeth Smart and Christopher Lee Best of Cynthiana on May 3, 2016 at Harrison Memorial Hospital.<br /> He weighed 5 lbs. 10 oz., and is welcomed by his sister Brelynn Ane Best.<br /> Maternal grandparents are Kristie and Donnie Smart of Cynthiana; maternal great-grandparents are Ruth Ann Brierly and Larry Garrison.<br /> Paternal grandparents are Brenda Craycraft and Jimmy Best of Paris, Ky.; paternal great-grandparents are Rose Purcell and Betty Clem.</p> Marriage Licenses http://www.cynthianademocrat.com/content/marriage-licenses-105 <p> Lisa Marie Hernandez, 36, and Larry Gene Sargent Jr., 48, married March 12, 2016.<br /> Rebecca Joan Kiskaden, 20, and Troy Michael Lawrence McKenzie, 19, married April 7, 2016.<br /> Taryn Ray Seaman, 29, and Kenneth Reed Wilson, 28, married April 6, 2016.<br /> Jean Maria Brewer, 53, and Stanley Templin Brewer, 37, married April 13, 2016.<br /> Pamela Kay Whalen, 64, and John Walker Arnold, 63, married April 17, 2016.<br /> Nancy Sue Estes, 30, and Aaron Nelson Frazier, 35, married Feb. 6, 2016.<br />