• Way Back When

    10 years ago . . .
    Births announced this week are: Dru Allen Whitaker, Aug. 14, son of Bud and Allison Whitaker.
    Charles Allen Carson and Debbie Fryman opens the Itty Bitty Shop on the corner of Main and Mill Streets. The new business offers custom woodwork items.

  • Winter interest, plants with berries

    December has ushered in some seasonal weather with daytime temperatures hovering in the forties.  For us this is perfect winter weather to work in.  
    Brisk, but not too cold, it can be invigorating for animals and people alike.  
    The sheep and the big dogs seem to prefer it, in fact.  The playful frolicking is proof. The clear blue sky on a chilly winter day can be even more beautiful with a little winter plant interest.

  • Christmas Card Decorating Contest

    The Cynthiana-Harrison County Chamber of Commerce held a Christmas card decorating contest for the elementary, middle and high school art students to be on display at the courthouse on Dec. 9. Three winners were chosen from each age group, and received What’s the Scoop? gift certificates. The top card in each category was then made into Christmas cards for the chamber of commerce members this year.

  • Museum Musings

    * Cynthiana Democrat, May 1933 -- “A&P Food Store Ad -- ‘8 O’Clock Coffee, 3 lb. bag, 49 cents; Cigaretts, 10 cents pack; Sultana Ketchup gallon jug, 69 cents; Sugar, 25 lb. sack, $1.21; Salmon pink, 3 tall cans, 25 cents.’” (Do you remember where Cynthiana’s A&P Store was located?)
    * Cynthiana Democrat, Dec. 27, 1934 -- “Sharp Platt of Platt and Sons reported to this paper that in the six days before Christmas they sold a total of 1,300 pounds of peanuts.”

  • Starlings flock

    Last Sunday I felt like I was under siege.
    There were starlings everywhere; so much so that I feared being splattered with poop at every turn.  
    The surprising thing about starlings is that they are everywhere yet not from here. It’s another story of one good intention going bad.
    Apparently, back in 1890, in honor of a Shakespeare festival in New York City’s Central Park, 60 European starlings were released.  

  • Millersburg Fire Department chili supper, craft bazaar

    Please join the members and supporters of the Millersburg Fire Department on Saturday, Dec. 10 for their annual chili supper and craft bazaar.
    This year will be a little different as the chili will be made from local volunteer fire chiefs within Bourbon County. Chief Bill Deutsch has sent out a challenge to all of the fire chiefs to show off their cooking skills.

  • Way Back When

    10 years ago . . .
    Births announced this week are: No births reported this week.
    Harrison Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Health moving. The $15 million expansion nears completion on the south side. The women’s health department is one of five areas moving into the expansion. Besides the five labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP), and two rooms for triage care, there is space in the unit for post-operative gynecological patients.

  • Mistletoe: From tree thief to holiday tradition

    By Jessica Sayre, County extension agent for horticulture
    Once autumn leaves have fallen, mistletoe becomes highly visible on large trees throughout Kentucky. Phoradendron, the scientific name for Kentucky’s most common variety of this parasitic plant, means “tree thief”. These small leafy plants are commonly found on twigs and branches of many hardwood species in the southern United States. Mistletoe extracts - steals - water, mineral elements and food from tree hosts; hence the name.

  • Judy hosts November Omega meeting

    Omega chapter of Beta Sigma Phi sorority met on Monday, Nov. 4 at the home of Lois Judy. Two members were absent.
    Cheryl Case, president, presented Denise Lyons with a gift of appreciation for all the work she has done on the sorority yearbook each year.  The yearbook is each member’s guide to all meetings and socials planned.
    During roll call, Case asked the evening’s question if members had begun Christmas shopping yet.  Most had not.
    Case also thanked hostess Lois Judy and program presenter Charlene Dawson for November.

  • Museum Musings

    * Cynthiana Weekly News, Feb. 7, 1867 -- “Workmen are presently engaged in putting a tin roof on the Livery and Sale Stable, being erected by Messrs. Hill and Firman on the corner of Pike and Walnut Street.”
    * Cynthiana Democrat, Jan. 31, 1963 -- “At Kentucky Cardinal Dairy where official high and low temperatures are recorded every morning at eight o’clock on Jan. 28 the low temperature was minus 34 degrees.”