Young nominated for Red Zone Player of the Year

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By The Staff

Chris Young of Harrison County High School has been nominated as an Old Spice Red Zone Player of the Year.

As a result of this achievement, Young is among a select group of players who are eligible to be selected as a national Red Zone Player of the Year and be honored in a full-page feature in USA Today in February.

The program honors athletes who are able to elevate their play and step up when the heat is really on. These athletes embody leadership, performance and desire, and serve as examples to their teammates on and off the field.

High school coaches nominate one player from their team as their Player of the Year. As a nominee, each Player of the Year will receive a certificate to acknowledge his accomplishment.

He is also eligible to be named one of 50 national Players of the Year. The top 50 will receive a plaque and other awards.

Any questions or more information, contact info@oldspiceredzoneplayer.com or go to www.oldspiceredzoneplayer.com.