Woman who allegedly attacked her neighbor arrested

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By Becky Barnes

After serving five days in jail for burglary and retaliating against a participant in a legal process, a Cynthiana woman has been released.
Sgt. Wilbur Gross said charges were the result of incidents that occurred within a matter of minutes.
According to Gross, on July 2, Stacy Slade reported to police that her upstairs neighbors at 104 Cromwell Alley were drinking on the balcony above her and that someone had urinated off of the balcony.
When police arrived, just  minutes before midnight on Tuesday night, they found that Kelli Wedding was extremely intoxicated and that her guests were no longer there.
Due to her level of intoxication, police advised her to go inside her apartment and stay there.
Police left the area only to be called back within five minutes.
Gross said Wedding went downstairs to Slade’s residence and allegedly attacked Slade then returned to her apartment.
Stopping first at Slade’s apartment, they found evidence of the alleged attack.
“Her shirt was torn and her face showed signs of swelling,” Gross said.
Upstairs, they heard Wedding being chastised by another party for going to Slade’s apartment and assaulting her.
Gross, Assistant Chief William Denton and Ptl. Jeff Thomas arrested Wedding, charging her with second degree burglary and retaliating against a participant in a legal process.
She was taken to the Bourbon County Jail and was released on Monday, July 8.