Why do they play at Whitaker Bank Park?

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

All of us here in Harrison County are happy that the Thorobreds are once again where they belong, that is in the state tournament.  
As I have often said about the Cardinals being in first in the central division of the National League it is their rightful place and the state tournament is Harrison County’s rightful place.  
But why do they play at Whitaker Bank Park?  
This question is not about not playing at UK or U of L’s stadiums because at this time of the year both of them (UK and U of L) hope that they would be hosting or playing in an NCAA tournament game so that would not be the wisest selection.  
Not that either field would not be a great venue because they would and it probably would be as exciting for the players as Whitaker Bank Park is to play the games in for the state finals.
Whitaker Bank Park is also not named after Coach Mac or Coach Jimmy Whitaker, though Harrison County has been in the tournament often enough that one would think that may be a possibility.  
You know Coach Jimmy Whitaker, while not as well known in the high school coaching circles as Mac, is a legend at the Little League Park where he led the Lions’ team for many years to the top of the standings at both Shirley Field and the River Road Park diamonds.  
Since we are not big (apparently) in Harrison County on naming a field after someone I won’t go into naming a Little League Field Jimmy Whitaker Field since we can’t name one on the high school field.  
Of course, the names would have to be Coaches Mac Whitaker, Ron Herrington, and Don Snopek, but this is for another column on another day.
The question of why do we play the state tournament at Whitaker Park is meant to address that we don’t play at the best park for the district or region tournaments so why use the best for the state?
The 38th district tournament was played on a field with no lights, few stands and difficult parking.  
No offense to the host school as they did an admirable job working with what they had, but there is one field which is heads and shoulders better which is, of course, Harrison County’s.  Why not use the best available field?  
The 10th region was played at Scott High School where again the people working did a fine job with what they had to work with for facilities.  
The bathroom facilities were a “one holer” for both men and women with no portable facilities brought in at all.  
The press box is small with windows vertically placed when they should have been horizontal, making it difficult to see the action for all but two or three people who would have included the score keeper and announcer and, fortunately for Jim Swinford, one radio station.  
Scott High School is also in the far north corner of the region which required substantial travel for all involved.  
Again, the school personnel running the show did a good job and were as hospitable as they could be, but it is just the wrong place to have the tournament.  
After all, tournament host selection should be what real estate is all about. Location, Location, Location.