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Descendants of the Rev. John Whitaker and Ann Dunn of Harford, Md. were, his son, Simeon Sim A. Whiteker, born Jan. 18, 1801, Kentucky Methodist minister, farmer and landowner, died 1867. He first married March 16, 1820 in Harrison County by his father, the Rev. John Whiteker, to Elizabeth Hickman (born March 16, 1804 and died Nov. 10, 1846 at age 42). They had 11 children:

A son, Jesse B. (J.B.) Whiteker-Whitaker (1830-1909), a farmer, buried in Lower Curry Cemetery. He married Judy Laura Whiteker-Whitaker (born 1858 and died in 1936, also buried in Lower Curry Cemetery) on April 29, 1875, and they had 10 children, three sons and seven daughters.

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