From White Castle to fine finger foods

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By Ben Hyatt

“It’s time for football in the Bluegrass!!!”
I never get tired of hearing that chilling phrase or the jets flying over after the National Anthem is played.
Kentucky football, support it or not, is here again.
During my college days, which were highlighted by watching players like Andre’ Woodson, Jacob Tamme, Keenan Burton, Wesley Woodyard, Rafael Little and of course Steve Johnson, I had an opportunity to experience some of the best UK football ever played.
From the moment my frat brothers and I woke-up on game day, which was around 10 a.m. due to the party the night before, we were all fixed on two things... White Castle, which we used for health-related issues, and tailgating.
I love to tailgate.
Some of my most memorable experiences in college were made on the grassy knolls close to Commonwealth Stadium.
The food, the drinks, the chants, cornhole and stealing policeman’s bikes... which by-the way is not a good idea.
I loved it all and looked forward to every weekend home game where we would all wear our blue and white proud and boo our opponents all the way back to their native state.
Of course it’s a little different for me now. I am married and of course not as rowdy as I used to be.
Of course my wife would disagree about my rowdiness.
I now tailgate with a couple from Harrison County who my wife and I have come to appreciate very much.
The food at tailgating has gone from early morning White Castle to some of the most tasty finger-foods that I believe I have ever tasted.
Sure the games are not what they used to be, but it’s like my friend always says before every game... “just wait till next year.”
I love the culture that UK fans have created along with the hostile atmosphere at every sporting venue.
I also love it when other teams and fans are forced to agree that UK has some of the most passionate fans in the nation.
This season may not be produce UK’s best football record, however, all must appreciate the opportunity to gather with friends before a game and enjoy the making of memories.
Good luck to UK football this year and happy tailgating to all the loyal fans out there.