What is Obama actually wanting?

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To the editor:
Praise should be given to Obama for his program on health. After reviewing the program to ensure better health for young and old, male and female. The initial concept is good, even though it will cost more money on our insurance policies. Some policies will increase by 40 percent to provide this coverage.
A big concern is that this program promotes contraception in schools for youth as young as 15 years old. This encourages promiscuity among youth which is contrary to moral and natural law.
The president has also gone to fund raising institutions which encourage abortions while shaming those institutions striving to abide by moral and natural law.
Does the President want his girls to listen and practice his advice?
There are confusing statements. One hand he is promoting preservation of life, and on the other hand he wants to kill the lives of babies.
What does he want us to believe?
John Schreiber