What if the regular officials miss some calls?

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

All is right with the world today as the “regular” professional officials for the National Football League are back on the field to officiate the games.  
But what have we seen today during the games?  
The games that I watched, Green Bay hosting New Orleans and the Eagles at home facing the Giants, were full of boos and the announcers questioning calls just like they did the “replacements” for three weeks.  
Football fans in the stands during games treat the officials with disdain in each level of the sport, most often relative to what is invested by said fans.  
A family member playing or money bet or, in some cases, a fantasy football contest are some of the things that will cause fans to vehemently dislike the officials’ calls.  
Often times rule differences between the different levels are misinterpreted, sometimes by the officials, but most often by the coaches, players and fans.  
It has actually been funny watching today because the “honeymoon” is over and ended very quickly in Green Bay. If not for the miss of a 48-yard field goal by the Saints kicker, the sports world would have been as full of “the Packers were cheated” as last week.  
When I wrote that the high school football players that remain on the team were of sterling quality for sticking it out, I did not want to indicate that they are the only athletes at the high school that have these qualities.  
The cross country runners and the soccer players who brave the rain, mud, cold and other elements to participate also have to have the dedication and determination that is of the best stuff.  
The volleyball team deals with hot gyms and dive after balls on a hardwood floor so their game is no picnic either.  
In fact, all sports have a certain amount of difficulty associated with them and the athletes have to contend with that fact each and every time they practice or compete.  
Make no mistake, the football players gave a great effort on Friday night and I expect that they will now do this every time they hit the field.  
It won’t be easy, but what is that has a reward at the end?
When I think about Friday night I want to congratulate the fans for coming to the game and supporting the players and coaches.  
The easiest way to deal with adversity is to act like it isn’t happening or ignore the situation.  
The proper way is to face it head on and show where you stand.  
The right place to stand is behind this team. The players are working to earn the respect of their peers and the fans.  
We should support them in any way we can.