What I know, what I think

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By Mike Aldridge

Risking a copyright infringement with Mark Story I have opinions on some stories that have made the news lately.  I believe that Story will overlook this even if there is a similarity to some of the structure of his column.  
Story’s father, Ray, was a friend of my late brother Jim when my brother was chairman of the Hardin County School Board.  
Ray Story worked in the school system and was also on the KHSAA board of control for some years. He was a really nice man and I have no reason to think his son is anything other than that.  Anyway here we go.
What I know is that Urban Meyers retired as the University of Florida’s football coach. What I think is Meyers put up with a lot of dumb questions and speculation during and since the press conference.  
The man is quitting to spend time with his family. He has two daughters who are college athletes and he did not see them play in high school or during their college careers to date.  
He has a son who is starting high school and who plays baseball. He is going to help coach his son’s baseball team.  
While that may be intimidating to the other coaches, good for him. I bet he was asked during the press conference a dozen times if he was sure that Florida’s won/loss record wasn’t why he was quitting.  
Now there is speculation that he really is ill and that is why he has quit. Leave the guy alone.  
The public’s right to know (if there even is such a thing) certainly doesn’t outweigh a person’s right to privacy.  
What I know is that two undefeated teams are playing for the college championship while one other is playing elsewhere. What I think is that the majority of football fans wish that either Oregon or Auburn would have lost to cause great unrest with the college rating system.  
TCU would have made a great opponent for either of the two top rated teams at least for three quarters.  
Major college football is the only sport without a playoff.  The excuses that the NCAA gives are bogus at best and generally an insult to people’s intelligence.  
Too much time away from the classroom for one. Bull.  The lower divisions have playoffs and those players are actual students.
The season would last too long. Longer than the 50 bowls that they have now? I doubt it.  The fact is that the universities and the NCAA make so much money on the bowl games there is no way they would agree to a playoff system.  
What I know is that athletes show the worst sportsmanship with their look-at-me actions after a good play.  What I think is that officials need to penalize, coaches need to put a stop to it and the players need to grow up.  
The Eagles’ wide receiver, Jackson, who did a dive into the end zone Sunday, scored a touchdown, but cost his team a 15-yard penalty. Basketball players who stand under the basket and stare and pose after a dunk need to have technical fouls called on them. For one thing, if you are six-feet-nine inches tall and can’t dunk, it would mean you are completely unathletic.  
As a coach said some time ago, “act like you have been there and are planning to return.”  
A good player doesn’t need to attract attention to himself.  If you are good, everyone knows it.