Westside teacher and principal thanked for their compassion

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I just want to say thanks to a teacher and principal at Westside Elementary School. My daughter was in Kindergarten this past year and planned to go on a field trip to the zoo. The class had been excited and talked about it for weeks. When the morning came to load the bus for Louisville, there was one child absent. Not only was the teacher sad because the student was not there, but so were his classmates. The teacher went out of her way to call and try to contact the student’s family. There was no answer. The parents went on to the zoo and planned to meet the bus with the children upon arrival. When we arrived there, I saw the child with the other children in line. I then found out that the principal went to the student’s house to see if there was a problem. He had missed the bus and the principal called the teacher, the bus pulled over to wait, and the principal met the bus with the child.

 We always hear so many bad things that happen in this community and not enough of the good. This principal and teacher really showed that they are caring and compassionate for the children. They have the students’ best interests at heart. I feel that my daughter has been blessed by having them in her life. This teacher is Mrs. Blackburn and the principal is Mr. Hoskins.

Pam Martinez

Harrison County