Way Back When

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By Robin Smiley

10 years ago . . .

Births announced this week are: Jacob Griffin Berry, May 27, son of Amy Diane Castle and Kevin Scott Berry; Cameron Jae Cooper, June 11, daughter of Jeff and Rachel Cooper; Abigail Faye Ratliff, June 9, daughter of John and Carman Ratliff; Keishon Rodriquez Tucker, June 5, son of Tara Tucker and Kevin  Gilkey; Lindsey Marie Botkins, June 16, daughter of Amanda Burberry and Gary Botkins; Katelynn Marie Bruin, June 15, daughter of Chad and Stephanie Bruin; Johnetta Carol Kelly, June 15, daughter of Larry and Joyce Kelly; Shelby Nicole Roberts, June 17, daughter of Billy and Angie Roberts; David Lackey Conner Jr., June 26, son of David and Dolly Conner; Cody Austin Edwards, May 8, son of Steve and Rhonda Edwards; Austin Michael Joy, June 7, son of Melissa Joy and Michael Joy; Brianna Marie Smith, June 19, daughter of Philicia Smith and Darryl Lurks; William Branson Woods, May 25, son of Brandi Mayo and Anthony Woods; Jonathan Devin Phillips, April 7, son of Ray and Stephanie Phillips.

Cynthiana/Harrison County to receive $375,000 in state funding for flood control study.

Dr. Stephen Besson will be the new pediatrician/internist practicing in Cynthiana.

Harrison Memorial Hospital opens New Hope rehabilitation program. It is located in the pulmonary rehabilitation room in the hospital.

The Harrison County Water Association reopened its truck loading stations.

25 years ago . . .

Births announced this week are: Tiffany Anne Knight, May 28, daughter of Cpt. and Mrs. Charles M. Knight; Kristin Elizabeth Northcutt, June 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ray Northcutt; Wilbur Lee Fields, June 10, son of Wilmer Lee and Frances Fields; Morgan Marie Hignite, June 24, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold “Bucky” Hignite; Jenna Nicole Heibenthal, June 17, daughter of Curt and Jamie Heibenthal; Kati Elizabeth Donovan, June 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Donovan; Casie Michelle Sinnott, June 22, daughter of DeAnne Sinnott and Kenney Jones; Micah David Gardner, June 20, born to Mark and Claudia Gardner; Christopher Lamont Turley Jr., June 20, son of Shelia and Christopher Turley; Jenna Marie McDonald, June 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. McDonald; Wallace Gene Johnson, June 30, son of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Johnson; Miranda Michelle Yazell, June 29, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Yazell Jr.; Rhonda Joyce Gallagher, July 1, daughter of Allen and Penny Gallagher; Robert D. Fryman Jr., June 29, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Fryman; Virgina Sue Tilton, June 28, daughter of Harry and Lucinda Tilton; Jessica Rae Curtis, June 24, daughter of Roy and Tina Curtis; Addison L. Thomson III, June 24, son of William Addison and Eileen Thomson; Pamela Marie Prather, June 26, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Prather; Rachel Ann Kinney, June 27, daughter of David and Kay Kinney; McKenzie Thomas Willoughby, June 27, born to Mr. and Mrs. Rickey Willoughby.

Third annual Berry Festival raises $3,700 for Berry recreation park. An estimated 1,200-1,500 people visited Berry Saturday.

Harrison County Fiscal Court opposes construction of the Falmouth Dam.

Falmouth Mayor Max Goldberg threatens legal action to stop the City of Cynthiana from installing a water line between Cynthiana and the main Licking River at Claysville.

Harrison Memorial Hospital to start new service. HMH Outpatient Clinic will be providing two otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat specialists) in the Professional Arts Building.

Some Pike Street businesses are relocating downtown: H&R Block, which has been located at 123 E. Pike since 1979, has moved to 129 E. Pike; Lewis Tolle has expanded his used furniture store, located at 127 E. Pike to include 123 E. Pike; Larry Mattox and Jeff Clifford’s Karate has moved from 139 E. Pike St. to where the Sugar Plum Tree was located on Pike Street.

Cynthiana is one of 48 Kentucky cities among the nearly 1,500 cities nationwide eligible to apply for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) new rental housing construction and substantial rehabilitation program.

Northfield Texaco, 1 1/2 miles North of Cynthiana on US 27 announces its grand opening. A complete fuel center, completely remodeled, and carrying gas, oil, fuels, kerosene, oxygen, acetelyne.

Now open is Taylor Farm’s Country Ham Shoppe, 119 S. Walnut St.

Wal-Mart Discount Department Store to open soon in Cynthiana.

50 years ago . . .

Births announced this week are: Peggy Jan Pheobus, June 14, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Pheobus; Anthony P. Perkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Perkins; Gregory Clark Taylor, June 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Taylor; Charles Wesley Jones, June 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jones; Nancy O’Hara Fagan, June 9, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fagan; Michael Wayne Hill, June 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hill; Rohnda Joyce Cobb, June 12, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Cobb; Marsha Tod Moore, June 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Moore; Leroy Gene Spicer, June 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Spicer; James D. Pierce Jr., June 9, son of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pierce; Rebecca Starr Sayre, June 15, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Granville Sayre; Wendell Keith Thompson, June 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Donald Thompson; Beverly Fern Koval, June 15, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Francis Koval; a son was born June 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Mooney; Leanna Fern Whiteker, June 21, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Whiteker; Dana Dean Nichols, June 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Nichols; Cathy Frances Copes, June 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Thomas Copes; J. T. Snodgrass II, June 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor Snodgrass; William Clay Fightmaster, June 20, son of SFP and Mrs. W. C. Fightmaster; Tracey Robin Wilson, June 25, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson; Lloyd Eugene Hughes, June 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hughes; Herbert Bradley Moore, June 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Allen Moore; Lura Ellen Hendricks, June 23, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hendricks; Timothy Reed King, June 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack King; Betsy Jo Grayson, June 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Grayson; Kenneth Jo Isaac, June 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kenneth Isaac.

Mr. and Mrs. Wahid Solomon, who operate Solomon’s IGA Store on Walnut Street, were granted their US Citizenship.

L.C. McLoney and Sons, South Church Street, announce the new New Holland Baler (Model 67 Hayliner), The Hayliner 67 with flow-action.

The Cynthiana Democrat newspaper will be under the new ownership and management of Tommy L. Preston.

Dr. J.C. Keller has moved his office to 118 N. Miller St.

Conrad Anderson, who recently bought Wise’s Restaurant from Shannon Blankenship, has sold it to Mrs. Billy Wise, who had been operating the place of business on US 27, a mile north of Cynthiana.

James Webber Davis has been named Chief of City Police, replacing George Adams who recently retired.