Way back when

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By Robin Smiley

10 years ago . . .

Births announced this week are: Mary Jane Brewer, June 29, daughter of Troy D. Brewer Jr. and Wanda K. Gilkison; Aaron Foster Collings, June 15, son of Todd and Kimberly Sale Collings; Britney Nicole Darr, June 29, daughter of Chastity Whalen and Scott Darr; Summer Desirae Franklin, June 22, daughter of Jennifer Crump and Travis Franklin; Forrest Tyler Linville, June 15, son of Michael and Kathy Linville; Elijah Raymond Marsh, June 25, son of Ginny Huffman and Matthew Marsh; Shelby Brooke Mattox, June 29, daughter of David and Kelli Mattox; Brooklyn Leanne Moore, July 1, daughter of Matt and Heather Moore; Whitney Shae Tubbs, June 29, daughter of Chris and Shannon Tubbs; Dalton Wayne Ward, June 29, son of Wayne T. and Michelle Ward; Andrew Joseph Cathey, May 1, son of Spencer and Bobbie Cathey; Grace Caroline Courtney, July 6, daughter of Joel and Jenny Courtney; Ryan Christopher Daff, June 30, son of Bill and Angie Daff; Joson Thomas Gunsauley, July 5, son of Harold Wayne and Anita Lee Gunsauley; Cyrus Mackey Jewell, July 2, son of James and Brandy Jewell; Robert Russell Ward Prather, June 21, son of Steven and Sharon Prather; Jon Aaron Simpson II, June 29, son of Jon A. and Elizabeth Drake Simpson; Dalton Thomas Switzer, July 7, son of Randy and Angye Switzer; Dalton Jay Teegarden, July 6, son of Alan and Kelly Teegarden; Brian Scott Treadway, June 30, son of Wendell Treadway and Kimberly Curtis; Bryndon Blake Whalen, July 7, son of Conner Fitzgerald Whalen, June 28, son of Chad and Kristin Fitzgerald Whalen.

Harrison County High School to hire Robert Barr, Marion County, as their new principal. Barr has been serving as principal at Marion County High School.

MTW Horse-N-Around barn now open for boarding all types of horses. Owned by Mike Waits.

David R. French, MD, specialist in internal medicine, also a native of Cynthiana, joins the Harrison Memorial Hospital staff. He is practicing with Dr. A.C. Wright.

Demolition of the old court house annex building located at 117 Court St. and 160 W. Pike St. begins Monday. The annex was damaged by the flood of 1997. The demolition will make way for the construction of the new building. The annex was also the site of the Smith-Rees Funeral Home for many years and home to the Whaley and Hutchinson Livery Stable.

Ol'MacDonald's now under new ownership. New owners are Jimmy and Beverly Glover. Previous owners were Norma and Ronald Ecklar.

Cynthiana native Herb Moore, along with business partner Rusty Mills, discuss ideas for their internet animation company. Moore lives in the Los Angeles area and was working for Warner Bros. company as a director of animation.

Alisha Ecklar returns home from her dream trip across the globe. Ecklar spent nearly four months overseas exploring. She is the daughter of Carl Ray and Brenda Ecklar of Cynthiana.

Clark D. Cash, DMD, MSD, has moved to their new location at 20 S. Walnut St.

25 years ago . . .

Births announced this week are: Ashley Brooke Casey, June 28, daughter of Wilson and Melissa (Jones) Casey; Amy Dawn Collins, July 4, daughter of James and Rebecca Collins; Danielle Lynn Faulkner, , June 20, daughter of Susan Perraut Mills and Emmett M. Mills Jr.; Laura Frances Williams, July 2, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Alan Williams; Ashley Adele Wiley, July 12, daughter of Dru and Marvin Wiley; Seth Allyn Ankeny, July 5, son of Doug and Judy Ankeny; Kathryn Lauren Pierce, July 3, daughter of Pam and Harold Earl Pierce; Corey James Smith, July 12, son of James and Andrea Smith; Jenna Kaye Abnee, July 8, daughter of Pamela F. and Frankie R. Abnee; Shane Wiglesworth, July 9, son of Tod and Sue Wiglesworth; Jeremy Roy Melear, July 10, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Melear; Barbara Jean Reed, July 10, daughter of William Newton and Tammy Sue Reed; Christopher Thomas McCarty, July 10, son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve McCauley; Kymberleigh Nicole Marquardt, July 13, daughter of David and Lisa Marquardt.

The Historic Monticello mansion overlooking Cynthiana has been destroyed by fire on July 8, 1985. The mansion is owned by Dr. and Mrs. Richard Arnold. The fire origin seems 'suspicious.'  The house was built in 1883 by Thomas Jefferson Megibben. It was built on 93.76 acres at a cost of $300,000. Dr. Henry W. Bromley along with his wife, lived in the mansion until their death.

Wallpaper World, Cynthiana's only wallpaper outlet, has moved to North Church Street (the former location of Stith Printing next to the Pizza Place.

The community of Berry, Ky. remains in quandry over construction of a new bridge over the South Fork of the main Licking River. Every kind of business (truck) that crosses the bridge is really violating the law by the current weight restrictions, according to Berry Mayor Junior Adams. The bridge was built in 1906.

50 years ago . . .

Births announced this week are: Leon Douglas Gullett Jr., July 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon D. Gullett; a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dryden on July 14; Cathy Lynn Ballou, July 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ballou; Gregory A. Bergeron, July 11, son Allen J. Bergeron; Eugene Walker Fuller, July 23, of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fuller; Joseph Wayne Debruler, July 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Debruler; Darrell Keith Whitaker, July 23, son of Mr. and Mrs.  Raymond B. Whitaker; Loretta Frances Dusing, July 21, daughter of of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Dusing; Charlene Vallandingham, July 21, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Vallandingham; Teri Renee Buckner, June 30, daughter of of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Buckner; Richard Lee Kendall, July 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Kendall; Reba Ann Moore, July 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Moore; Susan Van Deren Gray, July 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Gray; Kyle Grannis McCarty, July 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orrin McCarty; William Andrew Wood, July 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wood Jr.; Lisa Dawn Williams, July 21, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Williams.

T. Ewalt, 63, murder still a mystery after two years (July 16) - Lair storekeeper shot two times in rear of his store.

Dollar Bonanza at the Dollar Store: Ladies Blouse with matching Jamaica shorts or skirts, each set $1; polyethylene 2/$1; Chenille rugs $1; dinner sets 12 pieces for $1 or 25 cents each.

Robert A. Jennings and John L. Cummins have purchased the real estate and insurance business of Herbert R. Terry and have leased the rooms at 33 S. Main St. under the firm name of Jennings and Cummins.

Preliminary plans for PeeWee football outlined. The new program is designed for all Harrison County youngsters 10-11-12 years old.

Mr. and Mrs.  William Maffett and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hinkston to hold grand opening of The Driftwood Inn, 4 miles south of Cynthiana on US 27.

Approximately 750 attended the Farm Bureau meet and fish fry.

Mt. Gilead Christian Church to celebrate 100th anniversary.

County agrees to sell land for airport - Financial Aid of 50,000 now established for the 53.2 acres located approximately 1.7 miles of Cynthiana.

Restricted parking on five Cynthiana streets maybe in order: Walnut between Oddville Avenue and Mill Street; Battle Grove between Webster Avenue and Highland. No parking on southside of: Miller between Pleasant and Oddville Avenue. No parking on westside of: Church from Oddville.