Way Back When...

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By The Staff

10 years ago . . .

No births this week.

Cynthiana Police Department gets new station through HUD funding. The Cynthiana Housing Authority received a $79,500 Housing and Urban Development grant, designed to eliminate crime in and around the public housing. The new CPD substation is located on Locust Street.

Direct TV buys out Primestar Inc. The acquisition was made by Hughes Electronic Corporation, a unit of General Motors Corporation, the parent company of Direct TV. The same company merged with United States Satellite Broadcasting (USSB).

The Harrison County Wrestling team takes first in Danville Invitational. Members of the team are, Mindy McKinley, Jeramii Edwards, Luke Tucker, A.J. Gillis, Eric Case, Buddy Thomas, Jamie Snedeker, Joey Nelson, Ronald Steeves, Scott Nelson, Travis Simpson, Chris Kern, Daniel Martin, Patrick McNutt, Troy Roberts, Clif Marshall, Jarrod Marshall, M.D. McKinley, Brad Perraut, Derrick Collins.

25 years ago . . .

Births announced this week are: Jayson Todd Jacoby, Jan. 27, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Jacoby; Simon Lynn Masters, Jan. 29, son of Mr. and Mrs. David M. Masters; Lacy Dahese Gaunce, Jan. 24, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Gaunce; Lydia Ann Cole, Jan. 22, daughter of Randall and Julie Cole; Trevor Sean Boland, Jan. 24, son of Thomas and Rochelle Boland; Bronston Cabel Fields, Jan. 23, son of W.C. Fields and Aileene Fields; Lisa June Tucker, Jan. 26, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joey Tucker; Adam Stephen Hardin, Jan. 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hardin; Rachel Mashell Pergram, Jan. 25, daughter of Jeff and Wanda Pergram.

Nelson McLoney was a member of the first crew to bomb Tokyo. McLoney volunteered Aug. 15, 1941. He became a pilot of the famous B-29 Superfortress. He and his crew of 11 flew 21 missions together in the 21st Bomber Command stationed at Siapan in the South Pacific. His mission was to bomb a Japanese aircraft factory which would take 18 hours. McLoney and his crew were in the first low level bombing raid over Tokyo on Nov. 24, 1944. Their B-29 Superfortress was the first plane back to base.

50 years ago . . .

Births announced this week are: Luanne Ashbrook, Dec. 24, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ashbrook; Danny Thomas Price, Dec. 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Price; Kimberly Kay Fredrick, Dec. 25, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Fredrick; Yvonne Lynn Fryman, Dec. 27, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Fryman; Mark Edwin Massey, Dec. 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Massey; Mark Lewis Matthews, Dec. 31, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Garnett Matthews; Judy Rebecca Murray, Dec. 31, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lanham Murray; Kelly Lee Newman, Dec. 28, born to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Newman; Dana Lynn O'Neill, Dec. 28, born to Mr. and Mrs. David O'Neill; LaDonna Denise Lawson, Dec. 30, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Lawson; Edward Hanson Hill, Jan. 5, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hill; Georgia DeLynn Pope, Jan. 3, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Pope; Daryl Maurice Harper, Jan. 1, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Harper.

Thirty-two new homes were built in Cynthiana and 28 others improved in 1958, and three business buildings were erected - Kroger, Dr. Pepper Bottling plant, and a heating and plumbing.

Hoop nets for trapping rough fish may now be used in a portion of the Main Licking for the first time and for a four-month period.

Walter and Luther Beckett, who have operated Brannock's Store at Kelat for the past six years, announce the sale of the business to Neville Haley.

Larry Tillman Fight was the first baby of the year, Jan. 1 at 3:36 a.m., born to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Fight.

WCYN Radio Station applies for watt increase (100 to 250 watts), according to President Reed Anderson. If accepted, it would increase the broadcast radius of about 75 miles.

The Antioch Store in Berry, Ky., is for sale, (known as Haley's Grocery), along with a five-room dwelling above the store and a 22x32 ft garage. (Will sell equipment and invoice stock separately). Contact Edward Haley.

•Sore Point: The trouble with laryngitis is that you have to wait until you're cured before you can tell anybody about it.

•Bough-wow: When it comes to knowledge of our family tree, some of us are stumped.