Way Back When

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10 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: Madison Renae Ward, March 19, daughter of John and Ann Ward.
Harrison County to start drug court. Drug courts are special courts offering substance abuse treatment as an alternative to jail time for non-violent criminal  offenders. This will in the long run prove more cost effective to the county and aid in cutting down on crime. The real purpose of a drug court is to treat addicts and make them productive members of society.
Fate of the farm house stirs controversy on the Handy Farm on Oddville Avenue. The house was built sometime before 1832 and has become the subject of some debate (whether it is too historical to destroy) since the city and county purchased the land it is on to build a recreation park.

25 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: Sydney Elaine Crawley, March 31, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Crawley; Cassandra Mae Florence, March 21, daughter of Kerry and Lorraine Florence; Matthew Wayne Thomas, March 28, son of Roxanna Turner and Gary Thomas; John Paul Carter, March 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. Danny Carter; Patrick Casey Wagner, April 2, son of Patrick Wagner and Annette Smith.
Eastside Elementary sustains heavy damage after a storm Monday night. Apparently the rain leaked in from the roof where the wind raised a part of the roof.
Capitol Kiddie is holding its going out of business sale.

50 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: Debra Michele Bean, March 23, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Walker Bean; Patricia Louise Richie, March 24, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Richie; William Gregory Coy, March 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Coy; Richard Nelson Cordray, March 29, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson Cordray; Charolette Ann Nalson, March 14, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Nelson; Robin Renee and Donald Ray Jr. Shaw, March 25, twins of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shaw; Bonnie Sue Giles, March 26, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Giles; Timothy Victor Boyles, March 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boyles; Elbert Steven Whalen, March 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Whalen.
Marietta Ritchie is the new owner of Louise’s Restaurant, located on East Pike Street. The name will change to The Sister’s Restaurant.
The Cynthiana Lions Club Radio Auction to get underway next week.
Lawrence Pressman made his bow on Broadway in New York. Pressman made Broadway by way of Northwestern University (after Cynthiana High School) where he studied with Alvina Krause. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pressman.
Herren Paint and Floor Covering, East Pike Street by the railroad, is holding a grand opening of the newly remodeled store.
Cynthiana Kiwanis Club will sponsor their annual Kiwanis Pancake Day on Saturday at the Kentucky Utilities building.