Way Back When

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By Robin Smiley

10 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: Ty’niah Da’Shae Perez, Feb. 6, daughter of Tracey Gross and Paul Perez; Isaiah Edward Thompson, Feb. 17, son of Ashley Soard and Derik Thompson.
The Harrison Square branch of Fifth-Third Bank will be closing its doors. The branch will relocate to a new facility across the road on US 27 South. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2005. The new building will contain 4,000 square feet with a full service banking center and safety deposit boxes.
• What is now the city of Cynthiana was once covered by a shallow sea, geologists say.
• Harrison County has a total of 188,718 acres of farm land.

25 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: Kensi Elizabeth Techau, Feb. 16, daughter of Neal and Stephanie Techau; Robert Joseph Johnson, Feb. 25, son of Ray and Jane Ann Johnson; Sierra Denise Wachter, March 5, daughter of Jody and Marsha Wachter.
Twenty-eight local retailers seek applications for lottery sales.
Cynthiana is one of the top five highest sellers in total pounds of tobacco sold across the state.
• The first circular racetrack in the West, and probably in the U.S. was constructed at the Col. William Whitley home between Stanford and Crab Orchard in the 1790’s.

50 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: Jeanette Yvonne Tucker, Feb. 27, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O’Neal Tucker; Linda Carol Ecklar, Feb. 28, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ecklar; Glen Howard McCauley II, Feb. 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. McCauley; Charles Wesley Forsythe Jr., Feb. 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Forsythe; Larry Gregory Woodruff, Feb. 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kenneth Woodruff; Pamela Faye Kearns, Feb. 25, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Thomas Kearns; Shelly Camille Brown, Feb. 26, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown; James Gray Barnett, Feb. 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Lee Barnett; Bobbye Mac Perrin, Feb. 25, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Perrin; Lilia Francesca Macias, March 1, daughter of Dr. and Sra. Vidal de Macias.
The U.S. Post Office Department has announced plans to open bids to build and lease a new post office at Berry. The structure will be located on the north side of Main Street. The building will contain 1,230 square feet and 8,000 square feet for parking.
• Capt. James Estill, companion of Daniel Boone and founder of Estill’s Springs, was killed by an Indian at the Battle of Little Mount near the present site of Mt. Sterling in 1782.