Way Back When

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By Robin Smiley

10 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: No births reported this week.
Bourbon Bancshares, holding company for Kentucky Bank, to purchase First Federal Savings Bank, and its holding company, Kentucky First Bancorp. The transaction provides for Bourbon Bancshares to pay Kentucky First Bancorp stockholders $23.25 in cash per share of common stock. The purchase price is estimated at over $20.5 million.
• At 754 West Main Street, Lexington, is the old brick residence where Mary Todd lived before her marriage to Abraham Lincoln.
•  According to tradition, it was on June 7, 1769, that Daniel Boone first beheld ‘the beautiful level of Kentucke.’

25 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: No births reported this week.
Effective July 30, rural mail delivery for Cynthiana addresses will see the result of growth. A new rural route will be added to the existing six Cynthiana routes, which have been in place for 40 years or more. The seventh route will be a culmination of the excess of each of the six existing routes.
Water from the Main Licking River is now being pumped through the 14-mile pipeline to Cynthiana and reached the Cynthiana Water Treatment Plant. The new pump has a capacity to pump three million gallons per day.
• The food industry has become the fourth largest manufacturing business in France. Centuries of rich culinary tradition, teamed with modern manufacturing, help the French produce foods that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

50 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: James Wilbur Cutwright, July 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cutwright; Dixie Kay Slade, July 2, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Slade; Charles W. Mullikin Jr., June 30, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Mullikin; Richard Dean Whalen, July 2, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Whalen; Carole Ann Rawlings, July 1, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson Rawlings; Karen Arleen Smith, July 5, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allen Smith; Robert Franklin and William C. Draper, June 30, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Franklin Draper; Robert Allen Lancaster, July 1, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Thomas Lancaster; Ronald Clarence Hamm, July 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Steven Hamm.
City Commission discusses means of eliminating the unpleasant smell and smoke which comes from the city dump located on the northwest edge of Cynthiana. The suggestion of possibly relocating the dump to a site outside of city limits. Erecting an incinerator was also suggested but agreed it would be an expensive venture.
Commissioners also heard how Cynthiana can eliminate sub-standard housing through the urban renewal plan. The project area can be purchased, cleared, improved and sold with the aid of the federal government.
The City Commission was asked to consider annexation of the high school site and the land purchased for the new junior high school. Commissioners also agreed to make Vine Street (which runs between Wilson Street and Oddville Avenue) into a one way street running north to allow for parking on both sides of the street.
Houses in the Hancock Addition will be numbered due to the fact that some houses are not numbered or are numbered incorrectly. Present regulations put into effect after the Hancock Addition was established now demand a house have a correct number and a mail box before it can receive city service.