Way Back When

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10 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: Braxton Chase Bramel, Dec. 29, son of Adrienne Bramel and Rex Simpson Jr.; Eli Scott Mattox, Jan. 2, son of Deana and Scott Mattox; Quenton Bryce Turley, Jan. 7, son of Chris Turley and Gwen Hicks.
The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department has a new home. The county officially purchased the former Kentucky Utilities building on the corner of Pike and Poplar streets at a cost of $121,887. The Sheriff’s office had been operating out of a building on Joe B. Hall Court. That building is now occupied by the Emergency Management Agency (EMA), headed by EMA director David McGuffin. EMA had been operating out of an office in the back of City Hall, which will soon be the new home for the Cynthiana Police Department. The police department was located in the middle section of City Hall. The move will now free up office space for the new 911 Dispatch Center.
The by-pass route change, formulated by County Judge Executive Dean Peak, abandoned by the judge. The by-pass is scheduled to connect US 27 South and Connersville Pike, extending on across White Oak Pike, across Ky.  36, through Howk’s bottom, across the South Licking River, and onto US 27 North near Ware’s Funeral Home and Leono’s Restaurant.
25 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: Bryan Allen Franklin, Jan. 6, son of Gorden Allen and Connie S. Franklin; Allen Clay Muntz, Jan. 5, son of Gregory and Lucy Muntz; Mallory Kay Ammerman, Jan. 10, daughter of Steve and Tammy Ammerman.
Airport study to consider Centerville site for a four-county base. An airport centrally located between the four cities (Cynthiana, Georgetown, Paris and Lexington), would be about a 15-minute drive to either community.
KJ Video Connection, 8 Market Street, to hold grand opening for the KIS 1-Hour Photo Processing.
50 years ago . . .
Births announced this week are: Timothy Roy Levi, Jan. 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Levi Jr.; Frankie Andrew Simpson, Jan. 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Simpson; Carolyn Jean Richardson, Jan. 13, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson; Gerald Wayne Williams, Jan. 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams; a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Myers on Jan. 12.
Old newspapers, dating back 150 years, were found at the Harrison County Courthouse. Found were The Western Citizen, published in Paris and dated 1810, and The Argus of Western America, dated 1809 and published in Frankfort. Records of court proceedings in the Harrison County Courthouse date back to March 1794.
• Class I railroads pay about $400 million a year in taxes to state and local governments. This total is 27 times the amount of such taxes paid by Class I intercity truckers, 63 times that paid by intercity buses, 80 times that paid by domestic airlines and 400 times that paid by regulated water carriers -- according to the Association of American Railroads.
• Shelbyville: the newly formed Eastern Shelby Water District has enrolled its first customers in its proposal to finish 365 homes and farms in six communities.