A warm welcome

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Give a Cynthiana-sized greeting to new ministers

By Ben Hyatt

I meant what I said in the very first article that I ever wrote as a news writer for the Cynthiana Democrat.
I like real heart-filled stories. Now don’t get me wrong, if I have the opportunity to write an article that stirs up a little dust and gets citizens thinking about local government or if they are in tune with what is going on around them, then I will write those too.
This week’s Democrat is special to me though. Special in the way that I have the distinct honor of introducing four new faces to the community.
These four faces are no different than you and I, yet, they are often marked by society as having to be “perfect” to be in the position they hold.
I would hope that everyone would join in the welcoming of the new pastors at Cynthiana Presbyterian Church, Cynthiana Baptist Church, Macedonia Baptist Church and Connersville Christian Church.
Now, I am sure that these are not the only new pastors that have recently been called to Cynthiana or Harrison County in the past year, but these are those I knew about.
I hope our readers accept my apology for not including every new pastor that has recently been called to a new church home.
I am very open to the idea of writing an article in the following weeks about new pastors who have been called to do God’s work within our great county.
Please readers, understand I chose to give only a small sample of the great works God is doing in the county and city, by placing good hearts in leadership roles that will prayerfully change the lives of the “lost” and the “found.”
I also want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the four men who allowed time for me to talk to them. Your time was appreciated and will not be forgotten.
Readers, in the Democrat you will find four articles that introduce the four new pastors of the churches that I listed. With the articles, you will find a picture of them. I encourage all who meet these men to reach out with a warm welcome.
I also encourage the readers that have not yet found a church home, to look into hearing one of these great men speak. If you ask them, I am sure each one will tell you that the church doors will always be open to those who truly wish to turn their lives around.
For those churches who put an end to the long or short vacancy of not having a head pastor, congratulations.
Remember, those churches that I missed, please contact me at the Democrat office, 234-1035, so that I can properly introduce any pastors that have recently been called to serve in Harrison County.