Vote Comer for agriculture commissioner

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To the editor:
Agriculture has always been, currently is, and will forever be an industry of significant importance to each and every Kentuckian. As usual, the two political parties have candidates for what is probably the second most important elective office in the Commonwealth, Commissioner of Agriculture.
James Comer has a lifetime vision rooted in farming and a rural work ethic that will pass extensive evaluation by anyone, Republican or Democrat. His opponent has no past relationship to “ involvement with agriculture; his name Farmer falls short of making him a serious candidate.
James Comer has a distinguished biography in farming and agricultural related pursuits. Since graduation from Western Kentucky University in 1993 with a degree in Agriculture, Comer has been continuously involved in his own farming operation of 950 acres of commercial beef, timber and hay ventures in Monroe County. Abraham Lincoln is remembered for saying “I like to see a man proud of the community in which he lives, and I like to see a community proud of the man.” Mr. Comer’s community obviously likes him as he has been elected six times (the last five times unopposed) to the Kentucky House of Representatives from Monroe, Metcalfe, Green and Cumberland Counties.
I urge voters to examine the background of James Comer, and I believe one will understand why he is endorsed by folks of both political persuasions for this important office. His extensive past in agricultural endeavors has earned my vote. I hope he is your choice.

Bill Doan
Cynthiana, Ky.