Victory Baptist calls fourth generation pastor to church

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By Ben Hyatt

The new minister at Victory Baptist Church says that “love” will be the foundation on which he plans to base all  of his sermons.
Cynthiana continues to be blessed with new faces in the pulpits of churches on Sunday morning. Included in the new additions to the community is  fourth generation preacher, Kurt A. Raglin.
Growing up in his father’s church in Owingsville Ky., Raglin decided to devote his life to Christ when he was in the sixth grade.
“Both of my parents were very influential in my life,” said Raglin. “My mother always encouraged me to be the best at whatever I did.”
At the age of 18, Raglin said that he felt the call to become a minister. Not sure that he was ready to do God’s work, he said he ran from his duty.
“I simply tried to run from the call,’ said Raglin. “I joined the army in an effort to get away, but God was waiting for me there and led me back to become a minister.”
Raglin said that after he accepted God’s plan for him, he preached his first sermon at his father’s church, Morning Star Baptist.
“My father never forced me into a life of ministry,” said Raglin. “He did make opportunities for me to preach at an early age and supported my decision to preach or not to preach.”
After preaching under the supervision of his father, Raglin wanted to broaden his knowledge of ministry by becoming associate pastor of Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Lexington.
“I preached under my father for 23 great years,” said Raglin. “After being called to Mount Calvary Baptist, I taught under Dr. Felix G. Williams III for three years.”
Shortly after leaving Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Raglin landed another associate pastor position at Little Zion Baptist Church of Avon in Lexington.
“I spent three years as the associate pastor under the leadership of Melvin L. Gross,” said Raglin. “This became the home church to me and my family. In 2008 I was ordained under pastor Gross.”
Knowing that the vision of God had not yet been met, Raglin came to Cynthiana to preach a revival that would eventually lead him to his first senior pastor position.
 “After I left, they called me two days later to see if I would be willing to consider taking over for Albert Moore as senior pastor” said Raglin.
Raglin said that many days and nights were taken up by the family in prayer. He said he wanted to put all feelings aside and do what God was calling him to do.
After a month of trial preaching, Raglin was voted unanimously on Nov. 14, 2010, as the new full-time senior pastor of Victory Baptist Church.
“I never questioned this move,’ said Raglin. “My family and I simply went where we knew God was calling us to do his will. I know this is where God has called me to serve.”
Raglin explained that he has one thing on his mind when he comes to deliver the message every Sunday morning.
“I have been called by God to teach love,” explained Raglin. “God has sent me to show that he loves and wants all his children to love him back in the fullest way.”
Raglin and his wife, Valarita, said that they plan to be involved in the community and show that God’s love is at work. Through simple acts of kindness, the Raglin family and congregation plan to show that Victory Baptist is always open to those who are seeking to fill the emptiness that only God can fill.
“I see myself being here for awhile,” said Raglin. “There is a lot for me to do here. I am here to unify all the churches who believe in Christ and to unify this community.”
Raglin said that he plans to teach one lord, one faith, and one baptism, which equals one love for Christ.
Raglin and his wife have an older  son, Vincent, and a daughter, Dayshona. The family lives in Lexington.
Victory Baptist Church is located at 213 N. Locust St.  Sunday school begins at 10 a.m., with morning worship following at 11 a.m. Sunday night service begins at 6 p.m. All are welcomed to worship.