Victim stabbed getting s’more crackers

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By Joshua Shepherd

On a late night run to a Berry woman’s house for graham crackers to make s’mores,  a man was allegedly attacked and stabbed with a kitchen knife at 2 a.m. Friday morning. According to the arrest report, the man provoked an argument with another man, an unwelcome visitor in the woman’s home, which escalated into a knife assault and an eventual arrest by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.

According to the report submitted by Deputy Sheriff Tuan Kreer, Jason Nichols, 31, went to the home of Gloria Russell at 209 N. Second St. in  Berry, at her request, to retrieve a box of graham crackers from the kitchen so that they could make s’mores.

Russell told Kreer that she did not want to go herself because Timothy Shepperd, 49, was at her home. Apparently, earlier that evening, Russell had agreed to allow Sheppard to stay at her home overnight as a gesture of thanks for paying her $100 water bill.

However, she reported that Sheppard began making unwanted sexual advances toward her and she left her house.

When Nichols arrived at Russell’s home, he said that he walked into the front door and found Sheppard seated on the couch in the living room. Sheppard confronted Nichols and told him to leave the house. Nichols told Sheppard that Russell did not want him in the house anymore.

It was at that point when Nichols claimed Sheppard attacked him with the kitchen knife. Using a screen door as protection, Nichols said he tried to defend himself but was trapped against the front door. He suffered a laceration to his wrist.

Outside, Donald Dean Kiskaden, who was checking up on Nichols, reported that he heard the sounds of the fight, opened the front door and helped Nichols escape. They called the sheriff’s office from 211 N. First St. to report the incident.

Responding to the call, Kreer observed a deep gash in Nichols’ wrist and took down statements from Nichols, Russell and Kiskaden. Kreer then went to Russell’s home where he found Shepperd on the couch in the front room with a baseball bat beside him, the report said.

Kreer asked Shepperd to join him on the front porch and proceeded to inform Shepperd of his rights.

Through a text message on a cell phone, Shepperd confirmed that Russell had agreed to let him spend the night in her home. Kreer also noted that Shepperd had a black eye from the fight. 

Shepperd presented the deputy with the knife that was used in the assault. The knife, Kreer noted, had signs of skin and blood on the blade and collected it as evidence.

 Kreer took Shepperd into custody on assault charges. Nichols was transported to the University of Kentucky Medical Center for treatment of a severed tendon in his wrist.