United States should utilize its own resources, instead of enriching foreign countries

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By The Staff

To the editor:

A study by the American Energy Alliance estimates that, over a thirty-year period, businesses  could create 1.2 million new jobs, generate $2.2 trillion in total tax receipts and add $8 trillion to our economy by permanently lifting the ban on offshore production in the Outer Continental Shelf. When the price of oil goes back up (as it  undoubtedly will) would it not be better to pay ourselves instead of foreign oil cartels?

Congressman Geoff Davis recognizes this would be beneficial.  He pointed out in a recent newsletter that maximizing domestic production of all kinds of energy - conventional and alternative alike - would put Americans to work and keep U.S. dollars here at home instead of sending them overseas.  Too often, the money we spend for fuel goes to countries whose governments are unstable and hostile toward the United States.

Utilizing our resources, instead of enriching foreign countries, makes more sense to me.  It can be done in an environmentally safe manner and it will result in a better economy, safer world and more efficient society.

Shad Sletto

Fort Mitchell, KY