UK should follow Notre Dame’s lead

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

A few weeks ago, The University of Notre Dame established a set up with the Atlantic Coast Conference that was a great deal for them as they get to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak.  
The South Bend Indiana University will play all sports in the ACC with the exception of football in which they will remain independent playing five games against ACC opponents, but not being involved in the conference rankings.  
What a sweet deal for the Irish.  
When it comes to football, would you like to bet which teams from the ACC that the golden domers play?
The ACC is made up of Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami of Florida, who the Irish just hammered 41-3 on Saturday, NC State, UNC, Wake Forest, Maryland, Virginia Tech and Virginia.  
Year in and year out, the only schools in this group that will be in Notre Dame’s class will be Florida State and Clemson as far as wins and losses go.  
I can see games with Duke, Maryland, Virginia, Wake Forest and maybe Georgia Tech as regular staples to the Notre Dame diet.  
The Fighting Irish have some traditional rivalry games with Southern California, Purdue and either Michigan or Michigan State which will have to be “sacrificed” in order to work the ACC schools into the schedule.  
But that is the arrangement and more power to them for working it out with the ACC.  The same deal was offered to the Big Ten but was not agreed to by that conference who wanted all sports or none.    
Now here comes the part where I think the University of Kentucky should make an offer to the Southeastern Conference.  
The Wildcat leadership could say that they will play basketball (men’s and women’s) only in the conference that they dominate.  
Then they could take their other sports programs and put them into conferences where they fit in better.  
Considering travel and weather conditions and such as that the University of Kentucky is far better suited for the Big Ten.  
Granted the University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt are relatively close but after that the travel and the weather become issues.  
Travel to some of the Big Ten schools would be a little difficult but in the long run about the same as the SEC schools.  
The weather for baseball would be much more similar to Lexington weather which has long been an advantage for the southern SEC schools.  
When it is 40 degrees in April here it is 85 in Florida so they play many more games in much better conditions.  
Football would be much better suited for the Big Ten.  
Who among you don’t think that, in most years, Kentucky would be more competitive against Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, and Minnesota than they are against South Carolina, Auburn, Arkansas and Mississippi State?  
Forget about playing Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee and make the games that can’t be won against Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa and Wisconsin.  
Some of you are thinking that with the current coaching staff and players being injured at an alarming rate that the University of Kentucky would be better off competing in the Ohio Valley or the Sun Belt Conference.  But on a yearly basis, I believe that the Big Ten offers a more realistic scenario where the Wildcats could compete for the six wins and a bowl game now and then.