Two subjects that are equally disturbing

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

One week from last Monday Houston Texan quarterback Matt Schaub had a “visitor or visitors” show up at his home in a Houston suburb to berate him for his poor performance by most accounts in the game the Sunday before which the Texans lost to San Francisco badly.  
At the time, the Texans record stood at 2-3 though they were a very popular pick to make it to the Super Bowl this season.  
The “guests” while screaming at the quarterback also took photos of his wife and children in order to insinuate a threat to them as well.  
Of course, the visitors left before the police arrived but I believe have been apprehended since.  
This goes beyond ridiculous to criminally insane in my opinion.  
The people responsible should be banned from all sports activities since they are obviously incapable of making any semblance of an adult decision.  
I doubt if this kind of distraction will cause better play from Schaub.
Last Sunday night, Bob Costas used his allotted time to comment on football to delve into the nickname of the Washington NFL football team.  
The Redskins have been a franchise long before Costas was born but now the politically correct crowd has decided that it is demeaning for the American Indian for the Washington team to be called Redskins.  
There was an earlier politically correct NCAA finding that determined that Marquette couldn’t be Warriors but must be Golden Eagles and that Florida State shouldn’t be Seminoles.  
Well the Seminole nation let the “PC” crowd know that the name was just fine with them so FSU is still the Seminoles and the Seminole warrior mascot still rides the sidelines on his painted pony.  Of course, PETA thinks it is too much for the pony but that is another story.  
Back to Costas for the last thought.  
I believe that he knows baseball very well, some football and I am sure that he was hired by NBC to talk about sports.  
In this case, he gives the politically correct version that everyone has already heard, which I believe has no business in halftime commentary.  But I guess you can’t expect any more than this from him?  After all, he also believes that feeling sorry for the poor and hungry somehow helps them instead of just making him feel good about feeling sorry for them.  
He needs to keep his commentary to the game and not what makes him feel good.