'Twas the night before Christmas

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Twas the night before            Christmas,
when all through the land,
the people were gathering,
to be counted by hand.

The donkey was packed,
by Joseph with care,
in hopes that Mary,
could make the trip there.

Mary was nestled,
all snug in her bed,
while angels of love,
danced in her head.

The donkey was ready,
willing and able,
to carry the new mom,
to the census taker.

When out of the door,
Joseph did come,
he helped dear Mary,
who would bear him a son.

Away on their trip,
the journey began,
both Mary and Joseph,
knew God was in command.

See Mary was carrying,
God’s only son,
and precious was he,
this unborn one.

When what to their wondering                   eyes would appear
but the lights of Bethlehem
and it was so near.

With the long trip over,
and behind them now,
they knew that Mary,
had to soon lay down.

More rapid than eagles,
Joseph had looked,
for a place for them both,
but places were took.

“Now help, now please,
give us a room,
my wife is tired,
and must have one soon!”

To the top of the porch!
To the top of the wall!
“Now inn keeper, inn keeper,
do you have any at all?”

And then in a twinkling,
he eyed the book on the table,
and said, “No room for you                 here--
but I do have a stable.”

The stable was hay filled
and warm as could be,
so manger was made,
for the expected baby.

A bundle of oats,
hang in the back,
with the donkey close by,
to be fed and unpacked.

Up in the sky,
the star would form,
to show the people,
where Christ would be born.

And lo and behold,
a boy child was born,
and how the angels did sing,
this child was adorned.

Some shepherds were watching,
their sheep by night,
when angels appeared
and gave them a fright.

They said, “A child had
been born,
follow that star,
and there you will find him
in Bethlehem afar.

A wink of the eye,
a twist of the head,
the angels were gone,
so the shepherds went where
they said.

They spoke only love,
in the presence of Christ,
“What a child, what a child,
God’s own sacrifice!”

Three wise men came,
bearing gifts for the child,
and they all stood in awe,
of the meek and the mild.

On that night,
our Savior was born,
and he’s still with us now
and lives on and on.

People are told
of this wonderful night,
when the Christ Child came,
on an angel-wing flight.


By Cheryl Stoner Hoskins